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Wizard Labs is an FDA registered facility located in sunny Altamonte Springs, Florida. Founded in 2011 as a family owned and operated business, as it still remains today. I remember getting my first order from them of nicotine not long after they started their website. After trying a number of poor quality nicotines, I was desperately searching for a supplier that had good nicotine at reasonable prices, and didn’t take 2 weeks to ship it to me. When I heard about Wizard Labs from some folks on one of the forums, I gave them a shot and ordered a 250ml bottle of 100mg nicotine.  It was clean, clear and smooth, such a night and day difference to what I had been using up to that point from the few suppliers we had available at the time in 2010/2011.

When they started carrying the different flavor lines I was thrilled that I could get small sample sizes of flavors to try out without committing a large sum of money to the process of testing flavors. They now carry more than 800 concentrates from 12 different food grade concentrate manufacturers from around the world, and most recently began offering various sampler packs containing (5) flavors at a discounted price including one shots, which is a very good deal.

Wizard Labs also carries a wide range of mixing equipment and even has nicotine titration test kits. I always have a titration test kit on hand for those times when I forget if I’ve added nicotine to my mixes, or for testing how much I’ve added if I think I’ve measured something wrong. And while I know I never have to worry about my nicotine from Wizard Labs, it is habit for me to test my nicotine when I get it in, and as it ages just to verify the strength in milligrams has remained the same. I have never once had a batch of nicotine from Wizard Labs test differently than what it is labeled. It has been consistent every batch.

One Place To Get It All

Wizard Labs carries more than just nicotine and flavoring.  They offer USP/Kosher/ NON-GMO Propylene Glycol and Palm Based Vegetable Glycerin. The array of mixing equipment is staggering. Beakers, syringes, and bottles…oh my! It is nice to be able to pick up bottles and a few new beakers when placing a flavor order, and for the new mixer that can be a great thing to not need to place orders from 20 different websites just to get started in mixing.

If you are a messy mixer like I am you can also pick up sleeve covers, eye protection, and even full body coveralls. They even carry face masks and respirators if you need those.  For folks who prefer to mix by volume you can pick up graduated beakers/cylinders and volumetric flasks for precision volume measuring. If you find that any of their products are out of stock give customer service ( 321-422-0803) a quick call and most of the time they can get you what you need.

You can also find an exclusive line of flavor shot concentrates by “The Flavour Wizard” —  Strawberry Lemonade and Prism one-shots are customer favorites. Stay tuned to their website as The Flavour Wizard periodically releases new one-shots and they’re planning a new release in the next few weeks with more to follow this summer.

Service With A Smile

At Wizard Labs you’ll find a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team ready to assist you in understanding their products and helping you meet your DIY or manufacturing goals. Their technical service team is dedicated to answering your questions and will make it their mission to get you the answers you are looking for.

I have had a lot of experience with various vendors, and while I’ve never had a bad experience with any other vendors, I have had nothing but great experiences when working with the staff from Wizard Labs. Any types of issues I’ve had with shipments or orders were taken care of swiftly and efficiently, and always with a positive attitude and great customer service.


Looking for more than just DIY?

Wizard Labs has the infrastructure to support DIYers, Small and Large manufacturers and those engaged in New Product R&D both domestically and internationally.

Volume pricing programs (for qualified licensed businesses) with customized concierge service based on selected products, volumes and customer’s exclusive needs, so if you are looking for business services, Wizard Labs will take care of it all.

You can even look to Wizard Labs for customized Short Run Bottling & Labelling programs for small & mid-sized manufacturers.

So no matter what your needs you can find everything at Wizard Labs. Visit them today and see for yourself the large selection and great customer service.

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