Winter Warmth

Smooth and Sweet Light Coffee Flavor

4PUR Caramel Coffee w/ Sweet Milk
0.2FLV Coconut
0.5VTA Coffee Milk Froth
0.75FW Creamy Hazelnut
1.5Chef’s Choice/Cupcake World - Creme Caramel
0.85OOO Whipped Cream
0.25FLV Sweetness

Created for The Year Of Mixing challenge we have been running in our Facebook group.  Week 45.  Not quite the exact picture used in our group, but it is close and was free to use.

Since this is based on a light brown drink with whipped cream and caramel drizzle on top, I decided to go for a coffee drink.  I’ve been on a kick of caramel coffee with some other flavors added from my stash for my morning cup, so I thought I would do a version of it in vape form.  Warning for those who are sensitive to DAAP – this recipe is pretty DAAP heavy, so I wouldn’t recommend this for those sensitive to it.

The smooth sweet coffee flavor of PUR’s Caramel Coffee with Sweet Milk had to be the base for this drink.  It’s one of the few coffee flavors that seems easy to use and doesn’t have ashy or skunky off notes.  It has sweet creamy notes with a smooth soft caramel taste.

The CC Creme Caramel just adds more buttery caramel goodness to the mix.

FW Creamy Hazelnut adds a smooth nutty note to add more complexity to the background of the caramel.

FLV Coconut adds a lovely bright coconut flavor, reminds me of the same type of coconut flavor used for Dunkin Donut’s coconut shot in their coffee.

VTA Coffee Milk Froth just adds more cream to the coffee cause for the overall sweetness of this mix it has a high cream content to balance it.

OOO Whipped Cream is the topping at this level kind of comes in at the end as if the left over note after taking a sip with a mouth full of whipped cream too, just that lingering taste of whipped cream.

A little bit of sweetness here, it doesn’t have to have it, but I feel as it steeps the sweetness makes it even more like a coffee you might get at a coffee shop.


Optimal Steep Time:  2 to 3 weeks for the creams to fully develop. However it can be shake and vape if you’re impatient, but it will be more buttery than creamy as a shake and vape.

Link to the ATF Recipe version HERE

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