VTA-Rice Base

Tested at 2%.  This is a very odd but not unpleasant flavor, it is a bit of an enigma. At times this tastes like a toasted rice but at others it tastes like a cross between popcorn and puffed rice. However it also tastes like a cooked buttery rice as well with the hints of creamy butter I am picking up. Only slightly sweet on its own. I periodically get a hint of a bitter taste that I cannot identify, it comes and goes so it is hard to pinpoint. This also has a drying effect on the mouthfeel for me. I could see this being used alongside coconut, mango, or passion fruit for bowl of cooked tropical rice. It would also work nicely with cinnamon for a rice pudding. I think that in lower percents, combined with another cream, you could possibly pull of a creamy rice milk or a rice pudding base. It could give a grainy texture and taste to some bakeries as well, although I am drawing a blank on examples of said bakeries at the moment.

Vape Train’s Rice Base DIY Concentrate for e-liquid making, is a flavour which mimics the taste of white rice. This is a unique flavour that is highly versatile in many e-liquid recipes that will allow you to build the foundation in a raw form for recipes such as sticky rice, rice puddings, rice cakes, rice crispy treats and cereal type e-juice recipes. This flavour can be bent and used in biscuit and or cookie with the bakery recipe in mind or simply flipped over to a creamy dessert. A must have flavor to anyone seeking that true authentic rice taste.

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