The Year of Mixing

A New Mixing Challenge

Kicking off 2018 with a new challenge for the Flavor-Pro mixing community.  If you are a member of the facebook group you can participate in this weekly challenge.

Modeled after a jewelry making version (The Year of Jewelry), The Year of Mixing will consist of a weekly theme or inspiration for recipe development.  This is a way to step outside the same old boring mixes and try your hand at creating something new based on whatever that week’s inspiration is.  You may be a new mixer or an experienced mixer that is stuck in a mixing slump and you want change things up.

Every week there will be a pinned post in the facebook Flavor-Pro Group where you can find your weekly inspiration.  Some weeks will also have extra challenges added to them, specifying flavor brands, or how many ingredients, and other things of that nature.  You will have until 11:59 PST Saturdays to submit your recipe.  If you are going to use ELR or ATF #theyearofmixing to your post so others can find your recipes.  With permission, I will be posting weekly submissions here on the website, so if you aren’t participating through Facebook you can find some of the recipes folks are mixing here on the site.

What’s the purpose of this challenge? The main goal is to expand our mixing ability through thinking outside the box, much like writing prompts are used by writers when we have writer’s block, sometimes we get mixers block, and joining a challenge with supplied inspiration can often renew our creativity

There will also be prizes. This is not a contest, no one has to mix each other’s recipes, and I’m not judging recipes (though I may try some of them every week just for fun) – but each person who submits a recipe will have their name added to a list. For example, if you participated in 4 weeks you will have your name on the list 4 times, if you completed extra challenge points then your name will be added to the list for each additional challenge item completed (example you met the weekly challenge of 4 flavor ingredients and brands used) then you’d get your name on the list 3 times for that week.  Drawings will be randomly done, not on any specific schedule, and the drawings will be a randomized name picker.  Drawings will be held live on Facebook, and the prizes will vary – from extra flavorings from my own personal collection to possible vendor sponsored prizes. I may send you a package of finished juice, or one shots, or even a gift card code to a vendor to purchase your own flavorings.  I’m telling you it will be random stuff, so you will want to participate often, or challenge yourself and come up with 52 recipes this year!  Lists from each drawing will be saved, but after each drawing a new list will be made for the next number of weeks until the next drawing.  All drawing lists at the end of the year will be put together for a larger prize (yet to be determined.)

Week 1 Inspiration

If this first week’s image inspires a recipe out of you, then head over the the Flavor-Pro facebook group and add your recipe to the pinned thread  #theyearofmixing  on ATF and ELR


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