The Year of Mixing 2019 (Seasons)

Second Year Has Begun

We had a great and inspirational year last year and the Facebook group decided in a poll to have this year’s inspirational game based on the Seasons.


The rules of the game have changed a bit from last year. Instead of entries counting towards random drawings, all prizes during the year are going to be given out to random participating members, maybe for an awesome recipe, maybe a prize for someone who is participating frequently, and maybe a prize will be given out just because one of the moderators or I feel like it. The point of this game isn’t to just get prizes or be entered into a drawing, it’s to inspire our mixing into the next level. Giving folks the chance to maybe mix outside their normal zone, or new mixers to experiment with new flavors, or to breathe a little life into mixing for us experienced mixers.  It can be as challenging as you want to make it, all types of recipes that correspond to the weekly challenge are excepted.

We may have some sponsored weeks with prizes and those will have some rules provided, but most weeks shall just be a picture, untitled, without extra fluff…just take the picture and see what it inspires.  This game is meant to be fun, it doesn’t require weekly participation. Since we won’t be doing raffles with deadlines for entries all weeks (with exception to singular weeks with a sponsored giveaway) will remain open for submissions and listed in the Units section of the facebook group.  So if your recipe needs a steep before you want to submit it, you will have the chance to submit it weeks later to the week that inspired you.  If it’s a sponsored week you may have restrictions to submit that week only to qualify for a drawing, but the comments will remain open so submission of recipes post-drawing.

How To Join The Fun?

You can join the facebook group though the link HERE 


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