Simple Recipe — Morning Pick Me UP

Morning Pick Me UP

PercentageFlavors (all FA)
0.5%Fresh Cream

Recipe Notes

FlavourArt’s new flavor UP is quite a delightful stand-alone flavor.  However, when mixed at 3% single flavor it was lacking just a little bit of that mouthfeel and body that I’d want in my usually very light creamy morning coffee.  If you’re like me and like your coffee light and sweet, adding a bit of marshmallow will achieve that body as well as add a bit of sweetness to it.  I added in a bit of FA Fresh Cream to give it more milky notes, as UP is still a little dark for me for a normal cup of coffee taste.

If you like your coffee really sweet, adding in 1% TFA sweetener can definitely boost the sweetness and leave a bit of a sweet aftertaste.

Fresh this flavor was still too much for me.  I like coffee vapes, but not that strong. However, I know with FlavourArt coffee flavors, it will eventually steep out, and too little can leave you without enough coffee flavor.  It is strong coffee, but if your palate is not as sensitive as mine this may work as a shake and vape for you.

If you prefer your flavors with a bit of diketones in it, you can alternatively add in FLV Cream, or CAP V1 Custard in place of FA Fresh Cream (using the same amount) and you will get an even creamier coffee (like the difference between using light cream and half and half.)

At 3 days the coffee notes are starting to mellow out. However, they are still too strong for me at this point.

At 1 full week, the coffee notes are nearly there, still might need a few more days.

At 2 weeks, the coffee notes are about where they should be for me.  Mellowed out enough to not be in your face, but still very present as it should be in a cup of hot coffee.

At 3 weeks, the coffee flavors have reached their peak point, and the cream and marshmallow are doing as they should, adding body and extra creaminess. The slight bit of cereal note is now coming through on the exhale. It is very light, and almost biscuity in nature, but not as prominent as it would be if you added in FA Cookie.

At week 4, the flavor has not changed much more since week 3, possibly a little smoother, with a tad bit of vanilla (from the Marshmallow flavor) and just a tiny back note of caramel coming through — though I am not sure where that came from, possibly the combination of the flavors creating that slight perception.

Post steeping review–

Overall I like this as a coffee vape. I can’t say I would vape UP or any recipe with coffee flavors as an ADV (all day vape) but I am happy to have this in rotation as a change up flavor between testing other recipes and my ADVs.

photo credit: pedrik coffee via photopin (license)


  1. Mixed 50ml a week ago and I love it. Vaping it since day 5 after mixing. Just the coffee vape I was looking for. UP gives it a nice strong coffee taste but it´s not too much, like FA Espresso @ 1 %. Next time I´ll try a little bit more of Fresh cream and some Caramel or Vanilla. Looking forward for more FA only recipes. Thanks and i wish you a very Happy Easter !

  2. I am making a small batch using this as a guide. I am new to mixing and only have 2 dozen flavors so far. I have FA Marshmallow, I am using Capella cappuccino v2 instead of UP, and using FA custard instead of fresh cream. I am mixing on a nitecore flavor mixer at 800 rpm’s and 140 degrees F.

    • I would suggest going far lower with Cap Cappuccino v2 and look to add a little extra cream and something sweet to it, cause it’s kind of ashy,skunky, and chocolately for a coffee flavor. Up is far smoother than CAP’s. So you have to smooth CAP’s out so it doesn’t taste like a chocolate dipped, half burnt skunk.

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