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Smooth and Creamy Eggnog

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ELR Recipe for Eggy’s Revenge

I mixed this eggnog recipe on 10/30 — the day before halloween figuring it might be done steeping by Christmas.  I was right. But I also forgot to test it like I normally do with recipes in between.  Fresh it was rather harsh, and had some funny off notes, but I knew they would steep out.  I did try it at 3 weeks and it wasn’t quite ready as there were still some off notes I could taste, so I put it back in my test tube rack and meant to go back to it at 4 weeks. However, I’ve been busy and added a ton of other test tubes to my rack so it was hidden behind them.

1.1%TFA Brown Sugar
2.2%TFA Dairy Milk
3%TFA Gingerbread
2.15%TFA Malted Milk
3.25%TFA Oatmeal Cookie
3.8%TFA Sweetener
1.4%TFA Vanilla Bean Gelato
2.8%CAP Vanilla Custard V1

photo credit: urbanbohemian Artisan Small Batch Egg Nog via photopin (license)

It may be done for some people at 4 weeks, it could even be okay after a few days for some people who like these flavors fresh and who have less sensitive palates.  However, if you mix it up and it’s a little funky give it until the 7 week point before discounting this recipe.  It turns into a deliciously smooth, spicy and creamy vape.

I do get the gingerbread cookie, so it is possible you may end up tasting ice gingerbread cookies and milk, which is a great flavor itself. But, I am sensitive to the eggy notes in the custard, so I get a definite rich, vanilla eggnog flavor mingled with the spices.  The oatmeal cookie is there more to lend spice, but also to add extra thickness, as the oatmeal cookie is a bit thick and bland on it’s own with mild spice notes.

I am considering adding a little more vanilla into it, so I may update this recipe in a couple months after I mix a larger batch for my second run of this recipe.  I think I will add in 0.75% of FA Vanilla Bourbon, as it is more of a realistic vanilla extract flavor which is what I think could be used here. I am also thinking I may increase the custard just a bit as well, bumping it up to 3.5% in the next batch.

This 10ml bottle that I mixed however will be gone before the night is over. It is that good that I can’t put it down.

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Featured Image: photo credit: Didriks Egg Nog in Simon Pearce Glasses via photopin (license)


  1. I’ve been mixing/looking for a good recipe for my TFA Oatmeal Cookie and after reading that this mix took at least 4 weeks maybe more I could be not letting my mix steep long enough. I’m short a few flavors to make this mix but I’ll mix for sure on the next flavor order. Side question- Not for this mix but have you ever tried TFA Rasin, if so what do you think of it? Thanks

    • I have tried raisin. It’s pretty pungent. Start really, really low with it and test the recipe. If it needs more you’re going to be adding it by the drop…about 0.02g weight. Generally I have used it in combo with things like tobaccos, because it does have a musty dried kind of aroma to it. A better Oatmeal Raisin has been FLV’s. It is super strong too, so you’re going to use it starting at 0.08% and work up from there by the 0.02g weight until you have it where you want it. But it is very realistic oatmeal raisin type of flavor. I’m still playing with FLV’s oatmeal raisin but I’ll have flavor notes out on it in the coming month.

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