Recipe – Rice Pudding Dessert

Sweet, Fragrant, Basmati Rice Pudding

0.4Cream (FLV)
0.6Creme Brulee (INW)
0.8Custard (FLV)
0.06Rich Cinnamon (FLV)
0.3Sweet Coconut (FLV)
0.5Sweet Cream (FLV)
3Sweet Rice (FE)
0.75Vanilla Pudding (FLV)
0.5Sweetness (FLV)

Mixed this recipe up on my live show episode #14 on youtube. I adjusted the recipe a bit to match the most recent version of this recipe that I had vaped all of, as I couldn’t remember while doing the show exactly which creams I had used. This recipe is delicious. Tastes just like Basmati rice pudding that I have made at home.
It is a single drop of Rich Cinnamon in a 30ml bottle for this recipe or the cinnamon overpowers everything. If you have trouble tasting cinnamon you could probably increase it to 2 drops in a 30ml, but it will be strong. My first version of this recipe I did 3 drops in a 30ml of cinnamon and all I could taste was cinnamon.
As with my pineapple cake, I’ve used INW Creme Brulee to give this a baked sugary kind of taste. It is just enough to give a hint of baked, if you want a sugary type of taste to it more than this up the Creme Brulee to 0.8% or 1%.

photo credit: arsheffield Coconut Rice Pudding with Almond and Cardamom via photopin (license)

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  1. Jennifer,
    I like your style of mixing, I think you are talented, you could recommend me a good coffe flavor, I am looking for something similar to the flavor of Creme de la creme (Phillips Rocke), but I still do not understand how they achieved that flavor, Tests that I have done are not at all like that ejuice ..
    Many thanks for any help or guidance you can give me …


    • Thanks Jose, I am happy you are enjoying the content. As far as PR’s Creme de la creme, I’ve never tried it so I don’t know which coffee flavor they used. My personal preferences for coffee flavors are FlavourArt’s coffee flavors, cappuccino, espresso, and UP. I have also been playing with FLV’s Coffee and Mocha flavors, which are both nice, but very strong. That is about as much help I can be without actually trying the PR juice.

    • I will be doing a full write up on it, though I talk about it frequently in my videos and around on social media. But it is a not a sucralose based sweetener. It is proprietary formula that is stevia based. This means if you go too high with it you will get some weird off tastes as happens with stevia based sweetening. It is not as sugar on the lips sweet as cap super sweet is. It isn’t caramelly like TFA Sweetener (due to the Maltol in TFA’s.)

      Because of this I recommend using between 0.25% and 0.75% of FLV sweetness. I find that 1% or more of it gives me too much aftertaste. Though that is my preference. Others that are average tasters may not perceive it that low and you may be able to go a little higher if needed.

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