Recipe – Mama Melons (Inspired by Monster-Mega Melon )


Making Mega Melons Better

Recipe Notes

In an attempt that I was making to create a better version of this flavor, I made a version that was pretty close in taste to the original. The little bit of honeydew adds in more of that bubblegum note that I get from the TFA melon flavors that made it more on par with what Cuttwood had done. If I were going to mix this flavor I would replace the sweetener with FLV Sweetness at 1%.  To me the recipes using Marshmallow make it too creamy and too thick.  I was very familiar with the TFA flavors so I knew immediately upon smelling the bottle of the OG that it was TFA flavors.

However, this is not the exact recipe, nor is it associated with or endorsed by Cuttwood or it’s affiliates. If you want Mega Melons made by Cuttwood, purchase that juice. If you want something similar in taste that you mix yourself, this is the recipe to use.

6%TFA Cantaloup
1%TFA Honeydew
4.5%TFA Mango
3.75%TFA Papaya
3%TFA Sweetener
0.5%EM (TFA Circus Cotton Candy)

photo credit: koadmunkee breakfast at the guest house via photopin (license)

Click HERE for the ELR version of the recipe to mix.

Steeping Times and Methods

The recipe continued to change and smooth out until about the 6 week point of steeping.  While you can vape this immediately after mixing it, and it’s vape-able all the way through the steeping, the point at which all the flavors seemed well blended and was pretty much identical tasting to the OG bottle was at 6 weeks steep time.  I also found mild heat applied for about 10 minutes opened container at 170F seemed to mellow out some of the harsher notes of the melons and papaya, I did this on my magnetic stirrer, however it would work with a hot water bath and vigorous shaking.  When compared to a bottle that didn’t have applied heat and only stirred on the magnetic stirrer and then time steeped for 6 weeks, the unheated version was a little more pungent and had slightly more throat hit.

My thoughts on this flavor

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of the OG commercial juice of this flavor, and I’m not one who’d actually vape this recipe beyond testing it.  I like the flavor profile idea, but I don’t like TFA’s melon flavors. They are too much like bubblegum and banana for me, and not enough melon.  I will be posting one of my recipes that I feel is far better tasting for this flavor profile very soon. So if you are like me and not a fan of the original melon e-liquid, but would like the overall flavor profile with better melon notes, then stay tuned for the next version of Mama Melons v2

FEATURED IMAGE –photo credit: richard_north Selection of melon halves via photopin (license)

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