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Pod Systems for the new gen Mouth to Lung

I’ve been an RDA user, primarily the Aeronaunt V1 for the past 3 years. Before that I had many different rebuildable atomizers along the way, and way back when I first started vaping I was using the old style joytech 200mah battery sticks with cartomizers and dripping 510 atomizers. Since I made the switch to RDA’s I didn’t think I’d ever go back to the extreme restrictive draws of what cartos and 510 attys had back in the day.  Now granted I don’t like my atomizer as wide open as if I were breathing, but I like an airy draw.

So in the name of research to develop recipes I decided to pick up some of these new refillable pod systems to see how they work and how recipes need to be adjusted in order to use them, as well as testing how Nude Nicotine’s Smooth Nicotine Salts work.

Limitless Ply Rock 

The first feature I enjoy about this pod system is the led lights. I like that I can change colors. It just makes it fun.  The refillable pod is quite easy to take apart and fill, pop the top mouth piece off, remove a small silicone plug, and use a thin tipped dripper or syringe to fill the pod. The whole pod goes back together as easily as it came apart and pops right into the battery stick.

The draw is restricted, but not extremely hard to draw through, reminds me a lot of the way cartomizers used to draw, maybe even slightly airier. It is however a true mouth to lung draw, meaning that you pull the air more with the strength of your mouth rather than breathing it in directly to your lungs. But even with the restrictiveness of the draw, a good amount of vapor is produced with a good 5 to 7 second draw.  What you don’t want to do is hit this device like you would a normal RDA or even airier RTA or Sub Tank. You can’t chain vape these devices or dry hits will be inevitable. But with higher nicotine levels you don’t really need to chain vape these devices.

The only time I have had a dry hit has been when I did chain vape this, one draw after another.  Took about 5 draws in quick succession before the wick was dry enough to give a slight burnt cotton taste. However, you do need to have a quick primer puff before taking a longer draw.  The taste from this pod system is comparable to the old 510 atomizers, but slightly better and is leaps and bounds better than the old joytech 510 tank cartridge systems.

The size of the device is nice.  It’s not round like the old 510 batteries were, so it is a little less cigarette feeling, but it is lighter weight than the old 510 battery systems were. It is a little angled but still comfortable in the hand.

Overall the Limitless Ply Rock was nice and I could use 60%VG juice in it without an issue.  70%VG seems to be just a tad thick and resulted in more dry hits. 50/50 blend will also work well in this pod system. Less dry hits overall with 50/50 even with chain vaping.

Wismec My Jet

This device was disappointing at first until I figured out why I was getting constant dry hits from it.

Let’s start with what is nice about this unit.  The size.   It is smaller and more rounded than the Ply Rock, and the size is very nice for stealth vaping activities.  The rounded sides of this device is comfortable in the hand and it’s smaller form than the PLY Rock is a plus for the My Jet.

The air flow from the My Jet is a little looser than the PLY Rock, which means it’s easier to take a draw and results in a little more vapor production.

Now for the not so nice things. We’ll start with the pods themselves.  These little buggers come separated, the atomizer piece and the tank piece.  You are to fill the open end of the tank to just below the top of the center tube then click the atomizer cap into place.  Once you click that atomizer piece into place, removing it is incredibly difficult, if meant to be removed at all.  It took me about 10 minutes of prying it off with a small flat-head screwdriver to remove the atomizer base.  These pods are not refillable friendly.

The next issue with the pods is the atomizer piece itself.  There is a little silicone piece that goes over the metal atomizer housing to aid in connecting it to the air tube in the pod.  This little piece likes to fall out and bounce across your floor and is then difficult to locate if you drop it.  The pod is unusable if you lose this piece.  Once you do get the atomizer end snapped into place and the pod into the battery, the draw is extremely tight. The wicking capacity seems to vary from pod to pod, so consistency isn’t very good.  You may get some good pods and some bad pods.

You must use 50/50 juice in these pods.  Anything higher than 50% VG and it won’t wick properly. I venture to say you could even go higher on the PG in general with these pods and they will work even better and give you better flavor overall.

Overall, not amazing, not terrible. There are some cons with this one that aren’t present with the PLY Rock, but at the same time there are pros that make it a good vaping experience as well.

First Nicotine Salts tests

If you don’t know what Nicotine Salts are, you can have a read through this article here to understand more about nicotine salts.  I didn’t feel the need to write a full report on what it is since the information is already out there and the article linked above is informative for those of you who don’t know about them yet.

I purchased the Smooth Nicotine Salts from Nude Nicotine.  Took almost a month to get to me, so if you are ordering from them understand that it will be slow shipping times. I was aware of this when I ordered and was okay with it because I specifically wanted the Smooth version that they carry.

The idea with Nicotine Salts is that you can use much higher levels of nicotine without the harsh throat hit of freebase nicotine (the kind we normally use.) Nude Nicotine has 3 formulations, Smooth, Hit and Signature.  I have only tested smooth as that is what I purchased, hit is supposed to have more of a throat hit which would resemble more of a freebase nicotine product, though from what I understand it is more like 24mg or 36mg kind of throat hit rather than practically no throat hit at all, like the smooth.  Signature is a combo of the two.

I know Nicotine River also carries Nicotine Salts now, but I do not know what level of throat hit you obtain from their version.  It may be super smooth, it may be a little more harsh or it may be somewhere in between, I just don’t know.  So for the sake of clarity this is why I am specifying where I purchased the Nicotine Salts I am speaking of.  Nude Nicotine is not sponsoring this article, nor are they affiliated with this site in any way.  This is an unpaid look at their product.  Hopefully I’ll be able to look at other brands in the coming months as well.

MG Strength and Nic Salts

Nicotine salts as you may have read in the article linked to at the beginning of this article, are processed by the body a little differently. With the reduced harshness, those of us who enjoyed that buzz of nicotine we used to get from smoking, can once again enjoy a higher level of nicotine without throat irritation.

I tend to be a chain vaper, as I was kind of a chain smoker before I quit. So when I switched to vaping I was still chain vaping 24mg but it was extremely noticeable as an off flavor in a lot of recipes I mixed early on.  Since equipment has changed and our style of vaping has changed, so too has my nicotine levels.  I’ve been at 0mg, 1.5mg and 3mg for the better part of the last 4 and a half years. I physically like the act of vaping, just as I did smoking.  But if I chain vape anything higher than 3mg I tend to get a bit wheezy from throat irritation and an unpleasant sensation of being over nic’d. So I just naturally kept going lower until I could vape the amount that I wanted but felt satisfied without over doing it.

Pods systems and high mg nic salts won’t be my all day vape. But I see using 18mg or 24mg nic salts in the Ply Rock pods for when I just really need that nic fix fast, or when I am out and about in town. Since, lets face it, lugging around a heavy 3 18650 battery mod with metal atomizers can just get cumbersome at times, and the convenience of using a pod while driving is delightful.

But what about using nicotine salts at a lower mg in an RDA with a slightly higher ohm’d coil and lower watts?  I tend to vape that way anyway, usually the lowest I go with coils is around 0.5 ohms and I vape that at around 23 watts to 28 watts depending on the flavor of the recipe I’m using. I don’t like hot vapes, though I know I’m not the norm among current vapers.  So I thought I would give it a try with the nicotine salts and see how it works.

After trying the higher 18mg and 24mg in the pod systems, I decided to try one pod with 3mg and tried 1.5mg in my RDA.  The pod system with 3mg was fine, but not quite as satisfying as 18mg. I could see vaping 3mg if I was chain vaping in the car while driving alone and singing to the radio. But I don’t think I’d keep 3mg in the pod all the time, maybe just have one pod going that has 3mg and the others at higher mg.  But in the RDA 1.5mg on a single kanthal A 24 gauge coil at 0.57 ohms vaped at 25 watts, is more satisfying as far as nicotine feeling in my body than freebase nicotine that I normally use.  I find myself vaping just a little bit less of it.  It is smooth like 0mg as is the 3mg and frankly the 18mg feels like 0.5mg freebase in the pod systems.

Overall there is less if any taste with the nicotine salts as far as being in the recipes are concerned.  I don’t get any of the nicotine taste that I normally get with freebase in even the lightest of fruit recipes.  But even at 1.5mg the nicotine salts still adds that fullness that nicotine brings to the vaping experience, the one thing that is missing in 0mg recipes. It’s as if it’s a flavor enhancer in a way, but more about mouthfeel.

Going Forward and a Recipe

I foresee using Nicotine Salts regularly now and in the future, though I will likely give other Nicotine Salt brands a try just to compare them to the NN Smooth version.  But I do recommend if folks are interested in nicotine salts and using smaller pod systems from time to time, or if you’re trying to convert a smoker to vaping, definitely give nicotine salts a try.

2FLV Native Tobacco
1.5FA Burley
0.75FA Black Fire
1FA Vanilla Classic
0.75FLV Cool Menthol

Just a quick and dirty tobacco flavor with menthol for all of those interested in trying pod systems. You do need to go a bit higher on your flavoring in order for it to come through when using the pods. This recipe is a bit higher than I would normally go for an RDA.  It however works perfectly as a shake and vape and steeps out totally after about 4 weeks.  It is great from shake and vape through steeped time period.  Perfect for the menthol smoker switching with pod systems.

Featured Cover photo credit: swetasart process via photopin (license)

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  1. Thanks so much for this well written and thoughful article! I’m looking for pod/nic recipes and your article confirmed what I’ve read in others. The PG/ VG ratio does need to be adjusted for the pods. I’m going to try a 50/50 ratio and go from there.

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