Mythique – A Layered Tobacco

Closeup of tobacco for making cigarette on brown bowl


1.75%FA Cam Blend
4%FA SoHo
0.25%FA Glory
0.5%FA Vienna Cream
1%FA Marshmallow
0.25%FA Meringue
0.25%FA Marzipan
1.5%FA Vanilla Classic
0.75%FA Fresh Cream
0.5%FA Caramel

Recipe Notes

I mixed this tobacco blend recipe on a whim as a variation of what I’ve been vaping for the better part of the last year. In fact the first mixture of this recipe was not measured properly nor was it mixed in any special manner, just dumped into the bottle and hand shaken.  I enjoyed this mix so much that when I finished the first bottle I mixed a second bottle — this time measuring it out and mixing it on the vortex mixer.  I use these flavors so often that I know how many drops from the bottles roughly make up what percentage, so recreating it wasn’t that difficult.

The flavors of this recipe are lightly sandalwood (from the Cam T tobacco) with lovely leathery, woody and nutty notes from the combination of the three tobacco flavors.  It’s not overtly tobacco, but there is tobacco there, much like RY4 still has tobacco notes.  It certainly isn’t even close to smoking tobacco.  It falls into the class of dessert tobacco vapes.  The smooth creams used are not super thick, but instead are light, creamy, and bright.  They work to smooth the tobacco notes so that they are not heavy tobaccos.  Marzipan adds sweetness and that light almond note. The Meringue flavor adds a hint of cookie/cereal type note in the background and rounds out the tobacco flavors, as well as adding a little more creaminess.

Marshmallow and caramel both sweeten the mix.  Marshmallow adds a little bit of a sugary note and plays well off the vanilla.  Fresh Cream adds milky notes, while Vienna Cream brighten the cream flavors overall.

I enjoy using Glory as a nutty tobacco additive, as on it’s own it’s a little dry for me, but still enjoyable.  I think it pairs very well with Soho when using Soho at lower percentages.

Overall this flavor is a bit creamier than what I’ve been vaping as mixtures — some that can be seen in my Soho flavor notes.  I like the layering of tobacco and cream flavors to make this just a smooth sweet woody tobacco.  I’ve always loved the sandalwood notes of CamT, but I’ve always paired with fruit rather than creams. Not sure why I never tried it with creams, but now that I have, I realized just how versatile this tobacco is.

Mixing and Steeping

As I said to start off with, I mixed this as a whim flavor.  I didn’t heat it, or agitate it, or vortex it, I just hand shook the bottle that I mixed into.  The first bottle only lasted me about 3 days, so it really didn’t have much time to steep. But the flavor was good immediately upon mixing and as each day passed it continued to smooth out.

The second bottle that I actually measured out, warmed my VG, and mixed briefly on my vortexer (about 2 minutes total time for 120ml bottle) was a bit smoother from the start, about like it was on the second day hand shaken.  After a week it mellowed out even more, still with mellow sandalwood, leathery, woody, nutty notes, but with a little more noticeable caramel, and the Marzipan, Marshmallow, and Vanilla all blended together to make more of a sugary vanilla note, especially in the aftertaste left in my mouth.

Now at 2 weeks it has pretty much stopped changing over the last few days.  The tobaccos have blended out even more creating a lovely backdrop to the brighter cream notes and the lovely vanilla aftertaste.  The caramel seems to not be as noticeable, but more blended into the nutty caramelic tobacco notes of Soho.  But I enjoy the blending of it into the taste of Soho.  It’s not heavy on the nutty notes now, they are little more smoothed into the mix.

I am really enjoying this blend and will likely mix another large 8 oz bottle when this smaller bottle is finished. It tastes good with my morning coffee and after meals.

If you’re looking for a dessert type tobacco mix and want something that is good shake and vape, this recipe works very well for that, but also steeps out very nicely.

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