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MixLife App -- What it's all about

So you’ve heard me talking about my involvement in the MixLife App in #5 Episode of Mixing it Up Live show and maybe elsewhere on the interwebs. So what is it?

The app was created by Atom McCree (Ckemist – mixing id) the creator of the website E-Juice Makers. Atom approached me to join his team of mixers who were collaborating on creating an app with flavor notes, recipes, and general mixing information. The Team consists of some awesome DIY e-juice mixers – Atom McCree, Christopher Kopel, Clayton Moneymaker (Steamroom,) Rick Heggie (ConcreteRiver) and myself.   What makes it different from just our general websites is that it is information that you can access without an internet connection.  That is a great feature when you’re sitting somewhere without internet access and you feel like reading about mixing.  Or maybe you are in a country where visiting our websites is difficult or impossible. This app is available is almost every single country, if you can access itunes or google play you can get the app.  That is awesome.

The first 25 list is the list Atom felt was the top flavors that every beginner mixer was likely to be starting with, so we started there adding in our flavor notes and working on recipes for those flavors.  Now I admit that I actually don’t have many recipes featuring these flavors because I don’t use many of these flavors in my everyday mixing. I also didn’t do flavor notes for all of the 25 because I don’t use Flavor West so I can’t really comment as to how they taste with any accuracy. But all my flavor notes that appear on this site are also going to be on the app. So if you want to have access to my notes or a selection of my recipes and can’t get online, this app is perfect for you to have my notes with you all the time, internet or no internet.

We will not leave any flavoring untested. We’d love to test and take notes on every flavoring out there. We hope to eventually get a chance to mix everything under the sun…cause frankly that would just be awesome. We aren’t there yet, but you can enjoy the updates as they come in and we are working very hard to build the library to the point that it is the most diverse multi-mixer point of view flavor note repository as possible.  We will get there one day and you can join us right along with that journey.

Where to get the app

So if you love mixing your own vape juice, and you want to get your hands on content that you can access anywhere on your phone or tablet then grab the app now.

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