Layered Recipe – Strawberry Jelly Filled Donut E-Liquid

sweet breakfast. Donut isolated on white background

Strawberry Jelly Filled Donut E-Liquid

2.25%FA wOw
0.25%CAP Funnel Cake
1%FA Marshmallow
0.25%INW Shisha Strawberry
0.15%FA Liquid Amber
0.5%TFA Strawberry Ripe
Donut garnished with raspberry sauce

E-Liquid Recipe Notes

This needs to steep for at least 3 weeks. The wOw imparts plenty of donut flavor, so the funnel cake is there more for it’s bit of powdery sugar mouth feel — which at low percentages is more noticeable when paired with other cakey flavors.  Marshmallow is used to increase the sweetness and add a little more body to the mix.  The strawberry flavors and liquid amber are there to give a stronger strawberry jam filling type of taste.

As always, adjust percentages to your own tastes after you have done your own single flavor testings.  I have an extremely sensitive palate, so my percentages tend to be on the lower side, but this recipe can work for those with average palates as well.

If the flavor does not seem to have quite enough sweetness on the exhale and lingering sweet mouthfeel, adding in 0.25% up to 0.5% of TFA sweetener can boost that effect.

An Alternative Sweetner– I have been experimenting with VG based Erythritol as a sweetener.  I have not used premixed erythritol that is available at some of the different DIY vendors, instead I have made my own from the powder form of erythritol dissolved at 20% concentration by weight in warmed VG.  I have been using 1-3% of that in various recipes with great success and without killing my coils.

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