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Do You Want To Mix Your Own E-Liquid?
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Why You SHOULD Mix Your Own E-Liquid

While you can end up with a flavor obsession like some of us mixers have and it can get pretty expensive when you are buying a wide range of new flavors every month, most average mixers won’t find themselves buying thousands of dollars worth of flavorings just to experiment.  At least you won’t be doing that to start out with.  The cost of most beginner kits is usually under $75 and even if you purchase larger quantities of the same beginner kit items you are not likely to spend more than $150 to get started.  When you consider the cost of most 30ml commercial juice, that’s about 7 bottles worth of juice and a beginner kit is like 2 or 3 bottles of juice.

To save extra money try flavorings intended to be single mix recipes, like flavor shots sold of some of the popular diy recipes, or blended flavors from places like One Stop DIY Shop, also carried there are Chef’s flavors from the UK along with their flavor shots too.  (Use Coupon code DIY at One Stop for 11% off your order)  While you’ll be using a bit more of these flavorings in a mix – usually 8% or more – it can save you from buying all the individual ingredients to create that recipe.  Ecigexpress carries a bunch of flavor shots from popular recipes, and they carry pg/vg/nic.

If you are worried about mixing bad juice and that it will be a waste of money, mix small batches first.  If you mix a 10ml or 30ml of a new recipe, flavor shot, or blended flavor, it will save you from wasting all of your product if you end up not liking it.  I used to do only 10mls of new recipes, but now that I use test tubes for many of my samples, I mix 15mls for single flavor testing and new recipes. Sometimes I mix 30mls for new recipes only because it is easier to measure out.  The cost of a wasted 30ml is still under $3. No where near as painful as buying a $20 bottle of juice and hating it.

When you mix your own e-liquid you have complete control over if you use flavorings that contain diketones, or sweetener, or colors. Maybe you don’t mind those things in your liquid, but you will still get to control the quality and the amount that is in your liquid. You will also be able to control your nicotine levels if you are using nicotine at what you want it.  I mix 1mg for myself all the time, sometimes 1.5mg and sometimes 2mg depending on how I’m feeling. Sometimes I need a little more nicotine and other days not so much.  By mixing my own liquid I am not confined to only what is given to me on the market.  Mixing your own also allows you to know the quality of your products being used.   You also can control how much PG/VG is used. If you mix a recipe like the one I show in the video you could potentially mix a 99% VG blend. If you want 50/50 mix no problem.  If you want a higher PG mix for stealth vaping you could mix that too!  If you didn’t want to use PG and instead want to use PDO or mix high VG with a little clear high proof alcohol to thin it out you could do that too.  The choices are endless as to how you can customize your e-liquid mixture.

One of the biggest reasons I started mixing is because I am so sensitive that commercial juices were simply too strong for my tastes. That’s the beauty of mixing your own liquids, you mix for YOU. Yes you can use other people’s recipes, but there is nothing stopping you from tweaking their recipes to suit your tastes if the original blending is too much for your tastes.

It can become more than just a way to get off and stay off of cigarettes, mixing your own liquids can become a whole new hobby that can be fun and exciting.  Playing with flavorings to create new recipes and new tastes can easily become an obsession for those looking to have a new hobby.  You don’t have to spend hours on end mixing, but a couple mixing sessions a week can result in not just mixing your staple recipes that you vape all the time but crafting new recipes with new twists or unique flavor profiles.

Commercial juice usually plays it safe. They craft recipes for the average vaper who has average taste preferences.  Maybe you like some wild types of flavors if you tried them.  I know I like the floral and some savory herbal types of vapes, but those are not very common in commercial juice because fewer people are going to enjoy that type of flavor profile.

Mixing your own liquid affords you the freedom to play with flavor profiles in ways that you may never find on the commercial market. So consider taking the plunge and give it a try.

Reasons Mixing Might NOT Be For YOU

While you can easily mix single shot mixes and not find yourself too frustrated, the wait time for steeping can often become a major source of frustration and irritation for many mixers. Mixing a recipe then waiting a month and finding it only to be mediocre or worse a bottle of “drain juice” because it’s totally unvapable, can send some mixers over the edge and they toss all their mixing supplies in the trash bin.

There are ways to mix recipes that are good immediately after mixing, it takes some practice and exploration of different flavorings and how they work in order to figure out ways to mix them for immediate vaping.  But some of those recipes may not steep well in the long run, so mixing a large of a juice that was great right after mixing it may not turn out well after a few weeks of steeping and it becomes another bottle of drain juice.

Getting to know your flavorings takes a little bit of time. If you simply don’t have time to learn how to mix a recipe and can’t seem to mix other people’s recipes either, then mixing your own liquids may not be for you. Not everyone is cut out to learn how how to mix, and it takes a little honesty with yourself to admit you don’t have the patience to learn it. That’s okay. That’s why there is commercial juice for sale, for the people who don’t want to mix.  You may also find yourself needing to buy commercial juice while you learn to mix, that’s okay too.  Take the time you need to learn to mix and if you are still mostly vaping commercial juice while you learn how you taste flavors and learn how to craft a recipe, that’s what you need to do as a mixer.  At least you’re not smoking, or have cut back on smoking.

If you are a careless person who doesn’t want to follow safety instructions, mixing might not be for you.  This is especially true if you are using Nicotine.  If you are not using nicotine, some safety still needs to be observed, as bacterial growth and mold can contaminate your juice if you mix in a space that is dirty.

Using Nicotine requires safety precautions. While I’m only wearing gloves in my video, I’ve been working with nicotine for 7 years and I am completely comfortable handling nicotine knowing I’m not going to get any on myself or the area I am working on.  However, when you are just starting out, it is easy to spill, drip on yourself, splash, or measure incorrectly.  If you are not going to store it correctly, in it’s original bottle or transferred into another child proof clearly labeled as NICOTINE, then mixing is not for you. Accidents can happen. Pets or Children can be killed by poorly stored or handled nicotine.

It is not just nicotine though, flavorings could potentially cause children or pets to become ill as well if ingested in large enough quantities. PG is dangerous for Pets. VG in large quantities can be too.

If you are not going to mix safely and store your mixing supplies in a way that will not be accessible to children and pets, then please do the mixing community and DO NOT MIX YOUR OWN E-LIQUID. Please stick to buying commercial e-liquid.

You need to be able to do math with a calculator or use an e-liquid calculator program to be able to mix.  If you are not capable of doing either of those things then mixing is NOT for You. Not being able to measure your ingredients out correctly can result in both bad mixes and or unsafe levels of nicotine in your mixes.

Please download my free beginner e-book for more details on mixing your own e-liquid. GO to THIS PAGE to download. The book covers mixing math, safety, and more details about the individual products used to mix. I have also included a list of my recipes from my former juice line which are also listed on But it is nice to have a spare hard copy of the recipes in case the website is down.

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