FlavourArt — A Company Overview

FlavourArt North America is the extension of the FlavourArt of Italy corporation. The North American division brings quality flavoring from Italy to this side of the world as well as contributing to the design of flavorings for the North American market.

FlavourArt of Italy was started in 2006 by a husband and wife team – Massimiliano (Max) Mancini and Anna Facchino. The company started as a food flavoring company, and still exists today as food flavorings not just vaping flavors.

But in 2009 the emergence of the electronic cigarette market brought a new avenue of application for the flavorings FlavourArt was producing. Max began researching the effects of vaping these food flavorings with intense curiosity and wanted to figure out if a better vaping flavor could be developed.

In 2010 the company started the move towards removing the diketone molecules from their flavoring formulas that are intended for vaping. This move came long before the vaping community started paying attention to this issue, which emerged in 2012/2013 as a concerning molecule in vapor. FlavourArt spearheaded the campaign of testing flavorings with their ClearStream project. This project evolved into the current formation of a partnership between FlavourArt of Italy and FEM2 Ambiente ( a spin-off of the University of Milano Bicocca operating since 2010) and they now run the ClearStream Onward project.)

The ClearStream Onward project is not just testing for diketones, but the overall toxicity and irritant levels for all the FlavourArt flavorings currently on the market and those in development. These tests ensure that the safest molecules are being used for the vaping market.

Projects like the ClearStream Onward project and the commitment that that FlavourArt has made to making aromas specifically designed for vaping is one of the reasons we love FlavourArt as a company for vaping flavors.

FlavourArt North America is committed to progressing vaping advocacy and providing e-liquid manufacturers and the DIY community with some of the best flavorings on the market. FlavourArt North America is run by CEO Shaun Casey — who most in the vaping community remember as Niagara Kayaker – and his VP of Sales Richard Hong. Shaun and Richard have been active in the DIY community for years and have remained active and available to the DIY community despite being very busy running FlavourArt North America.

Richard Hong VP of Sales (left) — Shaun Casey CEO (right) – FlavourArt North America

So if you are looking for the very best flavorings, that are created by people who are committed to excellence and the vaping experience, then FlavourArt flavorings are the flavorings for you. Whether you’re a DIY mixer making e-liquids for yourself just to stay off cigarettes or if you’re a company looking to develop e-liquids for your market, you can rest assured that FlavourArt is the company that will stand by their flavorings and will be there for you with amazing customer service.

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  1. helloo and a merry christmas to all of you; thanks for the flavors you guys sent to me, i tried to contact you through this e-mail but no luck yet, richard i really appreciate your efforts in adding to my supplies, if i could get some more wow id be in heaven. seems like every time i try this my messages get shorter. have a great christmas and a happy new year, ill try to get over there but its not looking good right nowm ,the wife has become rather immobile. but thats another story. thanks and i hope yall have a great day and good christmas, your friend oliver

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