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Flavor Pro and E-Juice Makers Group

At the beginning of the year I teamed up with E-juice Makers founder Atom McCree and Chris Kopel to contribute to the release of the MixLife app.  Within a few months we had grown to a group of 10 mixers including the likes of Steamroom (Clayton Moneymaker), mlnikon (Emily), ID10T (Dave), Tootall (Rory), Cheeba Sheeba (Steven), ConcreteRiver (Rick), Sejouced (Chris G), Six Strings (Anne) — and our newest member Apexified.

The entire team wasn’t available for the one shot development, but 10 of us were able to partner with Wizard Labs to bring the vaping community some of very awesome one shots to make mixing easier for the new mixer and experienced mixers to enjoy our recipes without buying all the flavors — because let’s face it, inevitably we’re always missing a flavor when we go to mix someone else’s recipe!

Why One Shots - Not Flavor Packs?

While some mixers enjoy having publicly available recipes and just packs of the flavors needed to make that juice, we decided to go the route of one shots because it is far easier for a new mixer to add one percentage for a single concentrate and voila they have a finished juice in just 2 simple steps – if they are using a premixed base (either with or without Nicotine.)  There are plenty of mixers who have been mixing for a couple of years who may not be interested in one shots, but the influx of new mixers that are coming to the community has probably doubled and will likely to continue to rise over the next few years as new and obtrusive regulations come into being around the globe. Even experienced mixers sometimes don’t have time to mix up recipes of their own or even ones from other mixers, but love using one shots for a quick and simple way to have a great recipe ready made in a very short amount of time.

Most of the one shots in the EJM one shot line are fully finished flavors. I personally wanted to do something just a little bit different for the first batch of one shots, so I went with a flavor that was plain, great as a stand alone, but could have things like cooling agents, sweetener, and even other flavors added to it using my Vanilla Rain as a concentrate itself in a recipe.  My recommended amount on my recipe is 5%, since that was the total amount of flavoring mixed into the test recipe before converting it into a one shot concentrate recipe. At 5% it is a fully finished flavor. This means with a 30ml bottle of my flavor you can make 600mls of finished juice for $9.99.  That’s an awesome deal for a smooth as silk vanilla vape.  It works down from 1% up to 7% as a concentrate in other recipes which is also great for the new mixers who are experimenting with combining just 2 or 3 flavors together to make a finished recipe.

I’ve found you could add my vanilla to coffee flavors, add in fruit flavors, or even use it as a cream in bakery or cereal types of recipes, replacing traditional milky notes with a nice creamy vanilla.

The other recipes in the line range from 2.75% (Autumn Sunrise) up to 16% (Oakheart) and most of the recipes fall in the 5% to 11% amount.  Autumn Sunrise is a little bit more than the rest of the line at $11.99 for 30ml, but you are getting a bit over a full liter of finished juice for that price with such a low percentage.

Get Mixing

To get mixing you only need a few things –

A bottle of PG/VG – and if you are using Nicotine

Your Choice of a One Shot (Maybe Vanilla Rain)


Go to E-Liquid Recipe’s website  to use the calculator, which makes mixing super easy, follow the directions for measuring in volume (using syringes to measure ml amounts) and follow your super simple recipe that looks like the one below-

Since Wizard Labs does not supply premixed base, I have described adding all the ingredients separately.  But if you already have premixed base on hand, you can very easily use that instead of buying all the components separately. Or as some mixers do, they mix up their pg/vg/nic down to the dilution of nicotine they wish to use then add it as a premix based to their recipes.

If you already have a scale and are measuring by weight, you won’t even need syringes to measure with, you can squeeze right out of the bottle.

If you want to sample more than just one of the one shots, you can pick up the 5 packs of 10ml sized bottles, either in the Dessert pack (Vanilla Rain is located in this one) or the Fruits Pack.  Normal price is $16.95 for the 5 packs but they are on sale now for only $12.99 perfect to pick up the entire line to see which of these amazing recipes will be your next All Day Vape.

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