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Real Flavors VG Based Strawberry Flavor

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Manufacturer’s Description:
A ripe sweet tasting fruit that goes well with many different fruit blends.

For VG based, 8% – 12%

PDO Based,  8% – 12%

Super Concentrate, 1% – 2.5%

Real Flavors Strawberry in VG base is not a fresh ripe strawberry, it is far more ripe strawberries in a sugar syrup.  Sweet, but not coating your mouth sweet, jammy, aldehydic, with mildly bright floral top notes you’d expect in a strawberry.  This is very straight syrupy strawberry.

I have only tried the VG based version of this flavor, so I cannot give recommendations on the other types of bases until I try them, however from what I understand the PDO based version is very similar in strength as the VG.

For VG based, I used 10% as a stand alone flavor and found that was probably my top end percentage for this flavor as a stand alone.

In a recipe I would consider using it between 6% with other strawberry flavors, or up to 12% if pairing it with creamy or bakery notes where you want this strawberry profile to be a main profile.

Simple Recipe -- Strawberry Cheesecake

8%OSDIYS Lucky Shot
9%RF Strawberry VG

photo credit: Smaku Strawberry Cheesecake via photopin (license)

A simple recipe but it works well. Lucky shot being a cheesecake with graham cracker crust style blended flavoring paired with the syrup sweet strawberry of the RF Vg strawberry makes for a strawberry topped cheesecake.

Steep this for 4 weeks minimum, 8 weeks optimal.

Optional: Add in 5% Erythritol if you want it even sweeter (VG based Erythritol won’t add to your pg base of this recipe.)


FLV Sweetness 0.75% (this is the sweetener I highly recommend!!)


TFA Sweetener 2%


CAP Super Sweet 0.5%

If you’d like to purchase Real Flavors Strawberry you can find it HERE.

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