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Flavorah's Guanabana

Manufacturer’s Description:

Guanabana is awesome. It came as a special request from a customer in Brazil and even though the name takes some practice, the flavor notes will be almost familiar as they blend some of the most pleasing tropical notes imaginable. This flavor can stand alone, or be used with other tropical cousins like cherimoya, jackfruit or its analog, soursop. Guanabana is synonymous with Soursop like apples to apples, but we have two distinct takes on this amazing flavor, so think of soursop as a red apple, and guanabana as a green apple.

Aroma notes detected : Jasmine,Pineapple, floral/fruity, Apple, Coconut, Soapy, Ylang ylang, Strawberry, Musty, Pear, Orange/citrus, Waxy, Creamy, Yellow, Meaty.

Overall this is a lovely tropical fruit flavor that would work well on it’s own or combined with other fruity flavors.

Flavorah average percentages are 0.5% to 3%.  No manufacturer suggested percentages actually exist.

0.15% – 0.75% — Use at this strength to add tropical fruity enhancing notes in with other fruits.

0.75% – 1.5% — Use at this strength as a secondary flavor with another main fruit note.

1.5% – 3.5% — Use at this strength as a main flavor profile mixed with other flavors like bakeries, tobaccos or creams.

It is possible that for some people going too high with this flavor could result in a soapy, waxy and overly floral kind of flavor.  Test it as a single flavor to find your max percentage.

Freshly mixed this flavor is very mild and has very little flavor when mixed to the recommended amounts.

1 week — flavor is still mild but it starting to come out, floral notes are more noticeable at this stage.

2 weeks — Flavor is coming out far more, pineapple notes are far more present now.

3 weeks — A full more rounded flavor has emerged at this stage.  The secondary tropical fruit and other fruity notes are now far more in front of the waxy jasmine floral notes.

4 weeks — Flavor is fully steeped at this point, as in the next few weeks no more significant change has been noticed.  Floral waxy notes have blended into the background and forms the base flavor notes of this flavor.  The mid and top notes of fruit are more apparent and fully ripened.

Recipes will be added soon.

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