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Donuts and strawberries....awesome combo

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Manufacturer’s Description:

Tantalise your tastebuds with the unmistakable flavour of fried donut wrapped around a deliciously fruity red filling and… sugar topping!

We suggest using 2-3%

wOw is definitely an interesting flavor.  You get a lovely fried donut flavor from it, and you get the red berry — strawberry with hints of raspberry’s jammy notes, and a subtle sweetness at the very end. It works well as a stand-alone flavor, but can also work mixed with other cakey flavors and fruit flavors.

I’ve been playing with this flavor for a couple months now.  I have steeped it thoroughly at different percentages and as a layering component in recipes. I agree with their recommendation of 2% or 3%, though some people may even find they need to go up to 4.5% if they have a less sensitive palate. I enjoyed it as a lighter single flavor at 1.5% when fresh, but after a month the flavor decreases and is barely there.  At 3% stand-alone it was a bit strong immediately after mixing, with a heavy greasy donut taste and hardly any berry flavors.  As it steeps the donut part mellows out and the berries start to come through.  It is not as heavy in the jammy notes as I would want from a jelly filled donut flavor, but this can be remedied by blending it with other fruits.

As a blended note, I have used it anywhere from 0.5% up to 2% in recipes.

wOw's Negative Flavor Notes

I have found that at 5% wOw can go a little on the greasy side for my tastes, and the fruit flavors are just a bit much.  Overall I’m not the biggest fan of the fruity notes in this flavoring, which is why I’ve prefered to use them as a backdrop for other fruity notes.

However, with wOw there are vary few negatives that I can come up with.  It is a good all around flavor if you are looking for a donut base with a fruit note.  However, if you are looking for a pure donut flavor, the added fruit may note fit what you are looking for.

Recipe 1 -- Simple Strawberry Donut

0.25%INW Shisha Strawberry
0.15%Liquid Amber
0.5%TFA Strawberry Ripe

This needs to steep for at least 3 weeks. The wOw imparts plenty of donut flavor, so the funnel cake is there more for it’s bit of powdery sugar mouth feel — which at low percentages is more noticeable when paired with other cakey flavors.  Marshmallow is used to increase the sweetness and add a little more body to the mix. The strawberry flavors and liquid amber are there to give a stronger strawberry jam filling type of taste.

As always, adjust percentages to your own tastes after you have done your own single flavor testings.  I have an extremely sensitive palate, so my percentages tend to be on the lower side, but this recipe can work for those with average palates as well.

If the flavor does not seem to have quite enough sweetness on the exhale and lingering sweet mouthfeel, adding in 0.25% up to 0.5% of TFA sweetener can boost that effect.

Recipe 2 -- Redberry cream cheese topped fried dough

3%FA wOw
2,25%OSDIYS Lucky Shot
1.5%CAP NY Cheesecake V1
0.20%FA Black Cherry
0.45%INW Black Cherry
0.15%INW Shisha Raspberry
0.5%TFA Sweetener

I’m not really sure what to call this, other than delicious.  It reminds me of a funnel cake topped with cheesecake filling and cherries in syrup. I found the sweetener to be needed to add that syrup sweet effect to the cherry notes.  The raspberry adds a jammy note without overpowering the cherries.  However, FA Raspberry could be substituted here at the same amount with almost the same effect. Shisha raspberry is however just a bit jammier than FA’s.

A change that I made to a more recent batch of this recipe was replacing the Raspberry with FLV Bing Cherry at 0.5%. I have only had this steeping for 2 days, but initial tastings show that the bing cherry works well, but I will know more on that in another 2 weeks.

This recipe needs about 2 weeks to steep, 3 weeks for full steep flavor.

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