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Lady Fingers, Coffee, Chocolate and Whipped Cream - OH My.

photo credit: Kurosawa Michiyo Italian Tiramisu II, 2014 via photopin (license)

Booster Flavor (Tiramisu)

An Italian classic. It means “bring me up”. Try and you’ll understand.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Aroma notes – Coffee, Chocolate, Cream, Biscuit/cookie/pastry

At 0.75% stand alone I get the strong FA Espresso coffee notes, backed up by creamy, milky notes, and a hint of the ladyfinger cookie notes in the background. For me 0.75% is enough as a stand alone. Some people like up to 3%, but for me the flavor is burnt and unpleasant at that percentage. I use anywhere from 0.15% up to 1% (1% is the highest I’ll go when mixing it with other higher percentage and stronger flavors). It does mellow some as it steeps and becomes a very smooth coffee flavor at lower percentages without much of the cookie/ladyfinger notes. The ladyfinger notes are a little more pronounced at 0.75% and higher. This flavor works well with anything you’d want a coffee note in, added to chocolates at low percentages can enhance chocolate notes. Add to cakes and other bakery flavors to add a bold coffee note.

You may find you want to add a bit of sweetener to this flavor as the coffee notes can be a little more bitter than most Americans are used to. My current recommendations for sweeteners to go with this flavor — 0.5% Flavorah Sweetness  or 2% Erythritol. These sweeteners at this level will not gunk up your coils any faster than normal vaping with flavors does.

STEEP TIME – 4 weeks for a full steep. If you use super low percentages you can vape it right away, but will need to use less than 0.25% for it to not be bitter or overpowering. Low percentages will steep out in about 7 days.

Recipe 1 -- Simple Tiramisu

0.5%Vienna Cream

Simple recipe mix, just a little enhancement to the Tiramisu flavor (like using it as a stand alone) but with the added brightness of the Vienna Cream and smoothness of the Marshmallow helps round out the flavors and cut a little of the sharpness of the coffee.

This can be vaped as a shake and vape but the coffee might seem a little on the strong side when fresh.  The coffee notes mellow out after about a 3 day steep, and will be fully steeped by 14 days.

Recipe 2 -- Smooth Tobacco with a Coffee Kick

1.5%Vanilla Classic

The smooth mellow tobacco of Soho blends well with the flavors of Tiramisu.  All flavors are FlavourArt in this recipe. This recipe reminds me of a rich coffee Ry4 kind of flavor. I do go a little stronger on the Tiramisu on this recipe so that it stands up to the Soho.  You can easily go up to 8% Soho if you need to on this recipe, as it is one of the weaker FA flavors.  If you like or are thinking of trying a dessert style tobacco flavor this is a good version, especially if you like coffee flavors as well.  An additional note that goes nicely but seems a bit odd, would be 0.25% Cinnamon Ceylon — the warmth of the cinnamon goes nicely in this flavor.  I don’t think this flavor needs additional sweetener, but if you want it to be a little sweeter add in 0.5% TFA Sweetener or 0.25% FLV Sweetness.

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