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The Strawberry Most of Us Have Been Waiting For

I had to rush the notes on this flavor, because I could see some people having real trouble with tasting this flavor. Everyone knows I’m extremely sensitive when it comes to perceiving aromas, but I am married to a man who has an average palate with some aroma blind spots. There are some aromas he just can’t perceive, like caramel, though eating it he can taste it, but vaping, next to nothing.  Strawberry is another difficult aroma for him, though he isn’t blind to it completely, just somewhat muted or doesn’t perceive all the aromas blended into the strawberry, resulting in an odd tasting strawberry for him.

So I wasn’t the only one testing this flavor, I have had him testing it too in order to get a good idea how the average taster will get this flavor.

My first test was shake and vape at 0.75%.  I always go low with FlavourArt single testers if I plan to taste them immediately upon mixing.  What I got was full ripe,  juicy, strawberry dusted with sugar.  My husband on the other hand got rotten berries with a weird aftertaste.


My next single flavor test was at 1.5%.  I let this one steep for a week before I started trying it because I knew it would need to steep.  At this level I was not as happy with it as I was at 0.75% for a single flavor.  I could taste the strawberry, but for me there was a slight note of using too much TFA brown sugar or EM on the back note, almost a burnt kind of taste.  Now this really only pertains to how this flavor tastes to me as a single flavor. As I further tested this percentage in mixes and the off note that I was getting is pretty well hidden by most of the other flavors I blended it with making this not an issue. For my husband however, this had a much stronger, brighter strawberry note with a hint of sweetness. He did not experience any off notes like I do.  I believe he could tolerate up to 2% without any issues, though this was untested as a single flavor test.

In blends, I have done a fair number of flavor mixtures now with this flavor.  How you will use Juicy Strawberry will depend on the type of profile you are going for.  It can work as the main strawberry or only strawberry, but it also works great as a combo strawberry to make different versions of strawberry flavors.

Overall this flavor has a level of sweetness to it that can add a sweet note if you are looking for a sweet flavor without using sweetener.  And no, there is no actual sucralose or other type of sweetener molecules in it, as FlavourArt is aiming to make the safest possible vaping flavorings and their testing has led them to think that sweeteners in general are not all that safe to be vaping. But we all know we will mix what we like. If you’re like me and prefer to use less or no sweetening agents then this flavor even at 0.25% as an additive can add sweetness much like FA Marzipan does in mixtures.

Recommended Percentages:

Single flavor mixtures –  0.75% – 1.5%

Mixed Recipes – 0.5% to 2.5%

Sweetness additive – 0.15% to 0.35%

Imagine the sweet taste of the most juicy strawberries, a real cuddle for the palate.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Recipe 1 -- Strawberries and Creams

%Flavors (All FA Flavors)
1.25Juicy Strawberry
0.5Vienna Cream

This is a very simple blend. Heavy on the strawberry, with a hint of light creamy notes. It’s not a heavy cream, since Vienna Cream is bright and ice cream like. But the coconut flavor at this small amount adds extra creamy notes to round out the Vienna Cream.

Add sweetener if you like it.

photo credit: -col- Erdbeere via photopin (license)

Recipe 2 -- Fruit Medley

2Juicy Strawberry
0.75Melons Cantaloupe
0.45Vanilla Tahity
0.25Passion Fruit

This fruit medley was a spin off blending from various remixing of my Mama Melons recipe.  Nice melon notes are punctuated by the deep, rich, sweet strawberry and the Passion Fruit and Bergamot give this a totally different tropical twist. I’ve made countless strawberry and watermelon flavored vapes, and strawberry and kiwi, but this blending was a first.

It needs about a week steep to fully come together and does get even better after another week.

If you like your vapes really sweet, you can add extra sweetener. However, if you like sweet fruity flavors without using sweetener this recipe is pretty sweet on its own.

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  1. Regarding the Strawberries and Creams recipe above, I initially experienced some of the rotten/burnt strawberry taste as described in the notes – it tasted really disgusting. I then lowered the wattage substantially, resulting in a massive improvement, and it started to taste pleasant. I had to set the power level even lower than I would normally use for desert flavours.

    • Personally when doing just the strawberry with a cream I will blend both Red Touch and Juicy Strawberry because I’ve go completely blind to Juicy Strawberry now that I have used it a lot. I do find lower wattage works better with this flavor overall. It works really well for pod systems too, but overall I generally blend it with things like Red Touch and Forest Fruit.

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