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Flavor Description

FlavourArt’s new line up of e-motions flavors features an interesting new flavor called Joy.

Manufacturer’s Description:
Close your eyes and imagine the Fairground…..Popcorn, Candyfloss, Toffee Apple, even Doughnut! This is a complex flavor from the e-motions range and should be used sparingly, start at 3% flavoring.

Joy is a versatile flavor.  It can be perceived as bready/yeasty flavor. It is more of a base note flavor, with less top notes present.  It is not funnel cake as many people first thought it might be.  It is also not the best as a single flavor. Works far better as a layering flavor with other cakey, bready, or tobacco notes.

FlavourArt recommends uses between 0.5% and 3% on most of it’s flavors.

To use Joy in your e-liquid recipes, try a starting percentage of 0.10% and work up to 3%, for some people even 4% works in certain recipes.  In some cases you may even want to make a dilution of 20% — adding 20% Joy to 80% PG and then using that dilution as a flavoring.  This makes it easier to use the flavoring in a recipe when you want seriously low percentages of the flavoring.

Useage of Joy in Recipes

General useage for bakery flavors is 0.10% up to 2%.

When combining it with donut or cake flavors to achieve a slight fried, yeasty note, add in between 0.10% and 0.65%.  When using layered cake flavors up to 1.5% can be used, but you will get a richer fried, yeasty bread note.  It will take at least 4 weeks to steep flavors with Joy in them.  Some instances may take up to 12 weeks.

Works well with Capellas cake flavors, vanilla cupcake, funnel cake, and glazed donut.

Pairs well with most fruit flavors when combined with cake flavors.

Joy can be added to tobacco flavors to add a richer base note to more top note heavy tobacco flavors, like FA Maxx Blend.

Works very well when combined with Coconut flavors in tobacco, lends almost a creamy and slightly greasy feel and notes to tobaccos.  Combined with Soho and FA Coconut or TFA Coconut extra, it can create a mellow smooth taste.

When using in tobaccos you can go as high as 2%, but it may need at least 6 weeks to steep.

Joy's Negative Flavor Notes

Joy can very quickly go from bready/yeasty and slightly sweet, to sweaty gym socks and musty cheese.  How much you use in a recipe will depend greatly on the flavorings you are pairing it with and how strong they are.  The stronger the flavors being used with Joy the higher you may need go to.

To avoid the off flavor notes, start at low percentages and test your recipe. Add more if the desired effect has not been achieved.

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