Flavor Notes – FlavourArt Desert Ship

Aromas:Dark Leaf, toasted, ashy

There’s not a lot of dimension to Desert Ship. It’s a very straight forward dark leaf tobacco with a well toasted, rather dry and slightly ashy taste. I quite enjoy this tobacco, it works well as a filler in blended flavors, at lower percentages add a bit of dryness and a touch of ash.  At higher percentages Desert Ship adds bold leaf and a fair amount of ash, but it can get a bit too dry for some people, especially if you don’t steep it well. With 4 to 6 weeks of steeping Desert Ship does mellow out a bit and the throat hit mellows out.  There is a fair amount of throat hit (but not like throat razors TH) when it is freshly mixed and for a few weeks.

0.2% to 0.75% as a filler layer in other tobaccos

1% to 3% for bold leaf notes with other bold tobaccos

up to 5% it can work this high alone especially in pods for a classic tobacco flavor

Will be added soon.

We captured the rich and smooth notes of Turkish tobacco, with a pleasant, flavorful background.

Suggested percentage 1-2%

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