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Aromas: Tanned Leather, tobacco leaf, light sweetness, smoky.

Cuban Supreme is definitely cigar tobacco.  I’ve had some experience with Seco filler – specifically a dark Nicaraguan Seco Filler(Esteli) leaf, and the Brazilian Habano Viso Wrapper leaf, I taste a very similar tobacco from both of those types of leaves in this flavor.  I also get a hint of a dark cure tobacco filler leaf in there, which has the smoky notes of being fire cured.

This is a mellow tobacco, but it’s mostly straight tobacco without a lot of extra notes in there.  The leaf is prominent and the star of the show, but it is also pretty mellow even at 3% as a single flavor, and feels like it’s really begging to be blended with a few other tobaccos to fill out the overall flavor of a genuine premium cigar.

I will say if vaping at 3% as a stand alone flavor, even in an RDA, it is easy to lose the flavor of this tobacco with a sip of coffee. So as a stand alone I’d have to push it up closer to 5% in a dripper to keep the flavor even there if I were eating or drinking anything. In a pod it’d probably need to be a bit higher than that as a single flavor.  However, blended in with other tobaccos it becomes the filling flavor of the tobacco, lending itself to other flavors like the dryness of Desert Ship, or the wrapper taste of Shade and a bit of ashy note from Black Fire pulling out the various parts of the leaves present in Cuban Supreme to make it a genuinely great vaping experience.

Cuban to me is the filler inside of a hand rolled tobacco that has been cured with sugar cane water. This is usually in the first line of orders if you are looking for tobacco but if you are looking for a Cuban Cigar this is not quite a cigar type because it’s missing the sharper bitter spicy notes. Cuban does provide nice woodsey notes with a bit of a Wet forest flavor and a floral note. It has an inherent sweet note that I’ll describe as sugar cane or honeysuckle . Maybe some vanillin notes in this too. I taste a broad leaf type tobaccos without any bold green or spicey notes. It will easily blend with other tobaccos but to taste it in a mix I would start at 1.5% to 2% and you can go as high as 6% with this one. If you go high you will find the wet hay notes. It doesn’t have a nutty note to it so the hay note isn’t a dry note and even that hay note is pleasant. I’m quite sensitive to bitter notes and I find it does have a slight bitter note but it’s not mild even for me. Cuban has a Virginia type vibe. It can be satisfying as a stand alone if your looking for a mild and semi sweet tobacco with some hay nuances and no green grass notes. I find that it’s an excellent flavor to round out other tobaccos and soften harsh edges. TH is mild on this one and it’s a little smokey and a bit ashy. FA Cuban would be an excellent place to start if you want to build a 555 type or if you want to blend with Vanilla, Chocolate, Coconut, Limes, Spices, Maple, Honey or Rum. I think maybe they called it Cuban because it would blend well with any of the natural things you would find in a tropical island and can easily be blended into a sweet tobacco mix.

The finest From the sunny land of Cuba. A palatial tobacco flavor, fragrant, with complex nuances.

Suggested percentage 1-2%

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