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Aromas: Bright Leaf tobacco, floral green notes, light anise note, very light smoky note, very light leather notes, slight woody note, light sweetness/honey.

This is another one of FlavourArt’s tobaccos that doesn’t seem to be used very often.  It is definitely a powerful tobacco note, heavy leafy tobacco notes that are on the bright leaf but dry side.  The anise notes blend into the back end of the overall aroma and mingle with the sweetness of the bright leaf. There is a woody note mingled with the green floral notes that are at the top end of the aroma.

At 3% it is extremely potent. It is also one of those lingering flavors, that seem to stick around on the coil even after a cotton change and a thorough washing of the RDA.  Cowboy is a tobacco if you’re going to be blending it it’s going to be fairly low in comparison to other tobacco notes as it will bully those other notes.  As a blend in tobacco I can taste it at 0.15% to 0.5% in most mixes and I have to push the other tobaccos up a bit if I don’t want them lost behind the floral notes of Cowboy.

Also when I say floral notes, it’s not a definable floral, it’s more in the spicy-floral-green- leaf kind of floral type, not a flower floral. It is definitely leafy, not grassy. The hint of smoky note is not very prominent but it is there. The sweetness is really there, it’s a sweet leaf kind of note. It’s sweeter than I like my tobaccos, so for me to vape this one it has to be in with drier and more bitter leaf tobaccos as just an additive. I do believe the sweetness level in this is supposed to be the honey layer, and the honey layer could be responsible for the hint of floral that blends into the green leaf. It’s not distinctly honey though.

There is definitely a lot going on here! Cowboy is a deep and syrupy flavor you will either love it or hate it! This tobacco definitely encompasses its name. It is like Flue Cured tobacco with Dry Hay ashy floral and has a good throat hit.

This is one of FA stronger tobaccos more aromatic tobaccos that can be satisfying as a stand alone. In my opinion you have two choices with this; Use it low at 0.10 to 0.25% to add sweet hay tobacco notes to other tobaccos or go high with it around 3% as a main note and smooth it out with other enhancing tobaccos such as Virginia, Cubano, Shade or Cigar Passion.

Cowboy has a very aromatic sweet hay tobacco notes. I find the sweet notes to be  a black honey note that leans towards the molasses side. Molasses has been used in the tobacco industry to cure tobacco – with that said the outward aroma is of black honey, but a very deep, rich black honey. I taste some mild cocoa notes and maybe a hint of coconut. I don’t detect any green notes, but I do detect a balance of a citric note.

Warning: This is not a stealth vape it does leave a strong room odor. If I were going to compare this to beer this would be a stout hoppy beer and not a mild crisp shanty.

Personal thoughts: I’m on the love it camp but I vape it outdoors and usually as a stand alone at 1.5% steeped around 2 week

Light, dry with a hint of honey.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

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