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I have never smoked a “fine” cigar. I’ve smoked some cheap cigars and pipe tobacco, so I am unsure of how the actual taste of FlavourArt Cigar Passion compares to a more expensive cigar that experienced cigar smokers enjoy.  So I can only tell you what I taste in terms of broken down notes, not able to compare it to a specific type of cigar.

Cigar Passion has dark leafy notes – nearly toasted like, a slight bitter cocoa note in the after taste, a warm leather note, lightly bright floral note, light citrus sweetness.

What Cigar Passion is not – it is not a dry tobacco, or an overly moist tobacco. It is not grassy or hay type notes. It is not nutty.

It is a well balanced cigar type rich tobacco flavor. The balance between the dark leaf and leather notes blend with the sweetness and lightness of the floral and citrus notes that seem to contribute to that overall taste of the outer leaf wrapper of a cigar and smooth rich tobacco.

I have used this flavor many times at low percentages as a blended tobacco adding in that darker leaf note without the dryness of a darker tobacco like Desert Ship. 0.15% to 1% is the range I would use as a blended tobacco note.

I single flavor tested this flavor at 3% on an RDA DL set up.

I have loved using this flavor as a flavored cigar base flavor when I use dark berries or something as a darker fruit type of note. It also works well as a blender tobacco with other types of tobaccos. It is however also a really good single flavor, standing alone at 3% to 5% depending on the type of device you are using.


If you are looking for the flavor of a good Cuban, Cigar Passion is the one that suits you best because reproduces also the fine notes that can be perceived in the exhaled of the famous cigars.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Cigar Passion doesn’t get enough love at all. I find It’s mild, sort of on the dry side but not overly dry. I pick up nutty notes on the walnut side of nuts. There is definitely a slightly floral note that reminds me of patchouli, there is a slightly smokey vibe to it but not to a level I would consider it ashy. Slightly aromatic, I find that it has a mild sweet brown dried maybe even fermented leaf note with a hint of bitterness. I do not find any of the green fresh leafy notes in it so you may want to add some from another one of the tobaccos in the FA lineup.I do detect some of the yellow leaf notes and hints of the hay so be careful not to accent these too much. This flavor is everything I want out of a cigar with none of the things I don’t.

Cigar Passion isn’t a full on cigar it’s more the like the outer layer of an unlit skinny cigar straight out of the humidor. Imagine unfoiling one of those little fancy cigars and put it straight up to your nose to take in the nuances. That is exactly what cigar Passion is to me. I honestly can vape this stand alone at 2%. This flavoring has a very old school tobacco eliquid vibe to it. It can pair well with Vanillas Caramels, butterscotch, maple, cinnamon, chocolate, coffee, ice cream, pistachio, almond, I’ve used it to build a mild not overly sweet RY4.

To build a true tobacco blend out of this you would need stronger tobacco notes added to it in order to bring in the spices and the desired strength. This flavor is on the mild side and at the end of the day does serve its place best as an outer layer rather than a main note in a traditional tobacco mix, but as a tobacco note for creams and bakeries it can definitely work as your tobacco back note. It pairs well with the more delicate fruits such as berries but can also work well with tropicals and citric notes.

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