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Not a Black Cherry

This has been one of my go to cherry flavors for a long time.  I find it is more on the almond side of the cherry notes rather than the medicinal cherry notes that are most often found,  but it retains a brightness amidst the soft almondy notes.  The tartness level with FA Cherry is there, but can be helped out by adding a touch of FA Sour Wizard.

There is a sweet lightness to FA cherry that is more fruity than floral, and the sweetness level is not quite as high as say FA Marzipan, but overall Cherry has a very sweet single flavor taste.  Not quite realistic in terms of a fresh cherry, but also not super candy like or medicinal.

With Cherry, similar to Black Cherry, I use it at lower amounts when using it in a recipe. It does have the tendency to overpower other flavors, but at the same time too low and it can get lost behind stronger flavors. Finding the balance with cherry verses other flavors in a recipe may take a few remixes of a recipe, but once you hit the balance point this flavor really shines as a great cherry note in a recipe.

Accent note – 0.15% to 0.3%

Secondary note – 0.25% to 0.6%

Main note – 0.5% to 1%

One is never enough..

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Recipe 1 -- Simple Cherry

0.75FA Cherry
0.4FA Juicy strawberry
0.35FA Candy Wizard
0.4FA Sour Wizard

You can feel free to add sweetener to this, which definitely will candy it up more. But if you want a slightly tart soft cherry flavor with a hint of a candy type note this is certainly one I really enjoy.  It is simple and you can build more on top of it, but this is a good starting point to begin playing with cherry in different ways.

photo credit: wayneandwax june 2018 – 109 via photopin (license)

Recipe 2 -- Berry Milkshake

0.5FA Cherry
1FA Red Touch
0.5FA Juicy Strawberry
0.25FA Forest Fruit
1.75FA Vanilla Gelato
0.5FA Vanilla Classic
0.2FA Candy Wizard
0.3FA Coconut
0.25FA Vienna Cream

With this flavor I left the optional FA Polar Blast at 0.3% and WS-23 at 0.15% out of the main part of the recipe, but those are the two additives I’d use if I wanted to turn this into an ice cream or milkshake type of mix. Just a little bit does cool it off and give more of a perception of an ice cream.

Overall this is a berry ice cream or milkshake, you get the thickness with the FA Vanilla Gelato and the brightness of the FA Vienna Cream that lays on top of the berry flavors…and the berries add to an overall fruity aspect of this recipe. You will get a little more of a cherry forward with the strawberry right behind it, which acts to fill out the cherry notes and add more redness to it, and the forest fruit makes it almost seem like it has berry jam swirls through it.

It can be shake and vape, but for the thickness of the vanilla gelato to come out, it needs a good 2 week steep up to 4 week steep.

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