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Spiced Spanish Cream

FlavourArt’s Catalan Cream is a pretty complex flavor on it’s own when single flavor tested.  There are biscuit/cookie base notes that carry a touch of an allspice/cinnamon note.  The cream is not super thick, but about a medium weight cream with a non specific citrus note with just a touch more lemon note peeking it’s head out on top.  The caramel/butterscotch type note is far more noticeable on the exhale right at the end.

As a single flavor I tested it at 1% and 2% and 3% just to get an idea of how it performs at higher amounts.  I found the higher I go the stronger the citrus. The lower I went with it the more the cream and the biscuit notes came out over the citrus, but the citrus is still there, just lighter.

In recipes it works as an excellent base note to build another recipe off off when used at 1% or less.

As more of a main note 1.5% to 2.5% seemed to really work well, when combined with an extra cookie to bump up the base and added creams to smooth out the citrus and morph it into a different type of dessert.  Also at this level it worked well with berry flavors as the citrus notes help a lot of berry flavors fill in the gaps and create a little brighter berry note through the creams.

At 3% or higher (which unless you’re doing pod systems at a single flavor or severely restricted mouth to lung tanks you probably won’t use higher than 3% very often.)  It is bold, citrus creamy and can accept some things like creams and vanillas but the citrus will drown out a lot of berries.  It will accept more tropical notes like pineapple and mango though but they will be a very blended note into not a main note. A bit of cookie also still helps out at these levels to fill in the base notes, but the caramel notes do come out more at this level.

A perfect blend of vanilla, cream and spices, with a delicate caramel undertone.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Recipe 1 -- Just Catalan Cream

2FA Catalan Cream
.25FA Graham Crust
0.75FA Vanilla Gelato

This simple recipe can be a starter point or a simple type of recipe that highlights the spices and notes of the Catalan Cream itself by using just a touch of graham cracker crust and a touch of creamy vanilla gelato.  These two newer flavors from FA work very well to blend with the catalan cream notes, bumping up the creaminess to the cream and filling out the base cookie notes more into an overall dessert flavor.

Recipe 2 -- Catalan Fig

1.75FA Catalan Cream
0.5FA Fresh Fig
0.35FA Graham Crust
0.4FA Vanilla Gelato
0.25FA Caramel
0.5FA Juicy Strawberry
0.1FA White Grape
0.15FA Marzipan
ADDSweetener to taste

In this recipe Catalan Cream acts as the backbone to the recipe, the structure on which we are building the flavor around.  Adding in fresh fig gives a nice little pop of that fig note.  The graham crust and vanilla gelato maintain their roles as they did in the previous recipe, forming the base notes and the middle creamy layer in conjunction with the catalan cream.  Adding a bit of caramel bumps up that brulee type top note that you’d expect and adds a little more buttery notes.  The Marzipan enhances the vanilla and softens some of the spices to a level to work with the fig. The Juicy strawberry once it steeps will fade back into a sweetness level for the fig to give it a little more body and overall sweetness to the recipe.

Personally I don’t add sweeteners to this because with juicy strawberry and marzipan I rarely need extra sweetener, but if you like your bakeries on the sweeter side, add your favorite sweetener to a level you like.

This isn’t bad shake and vape, but it does need about 2 to 4 weeks to come to a full effect level and for everything to steep out.  I find it vapable starting at day 3, but I prefer it to steep for about 25 days.

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  1. Finally someone who seem to appreciate what Catalan Cream has to offer. It’s not easy to find decent recipes where I can use off some flavors I bought one year ago when I began vaping. Joy, Nona’s Cake or Catalan Cream to name a few. Back than I just bought flavors I had access to in my country – without any specific plan on how I would use them. Since then I learned a thing or two but still have no idea what to do with these flavors. So, Jen, thanks a lot. Highly appreciated.

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