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Warm Woody Spice

Flavour Art Cardamom is a very realistic version of the actual spice.  Flavour Art does do spices very well.  Cardamom is a warm, somewhat woody spice that has the slightest hint of a citrus note (as the real spice does as well.)

How do you use this in a vape?  It’s not a single mix flavor that is for sure.  This flavor shines as an additive type of note, but also works as a secondary note in a rich blend of flavors.  I wouldn’t suggest this as a main note as it can take on a floral perfumy type of taste with a bit of a powdery back note if you go too high with it.

Suggested percentage range

Additive – 0.08% – 0.25%

Secondary flavor- 0.25% – 0.5%

As an additive it can be a delightful addition to fruit flavors, cream flavors, bakery flavors, and tobaccos.  It can be anything from a single drop in a 30ml sized batch up to 0.25% if it’s competing with heavy dark flavors or cutting through thicker creams.

I give a secondary flavor amount as sometimes in some especially thick cream flavors or heavy dark tobaccos or especially potent fruits like black currant, you can take it up to the 0.5% range without getting any serious off notes from the Cardamom.  I have ruined many a batch of liquids by trying to take cardamom up to high, so I forewarn you to start with Cardamom slowly, build it up in a recipe if you find you’ve lost it after the steep.  But like many flavors, this flavor doesn’t actually diminish with a steep, it actually grows and builds and can take over a recipe if you’ve ventured too high with it.

As an additive you can use it to bring warmth to a recipe without adding a ton of spice by starting out at the lowest percentage.  It works a bit like FLV Heat does, in terms of bringing warmth, but it has a woody spice note to it that adds more depth not just warmth.  Turning it up in percentage just brings more of it’s actual spice flavor out.  So add as much as you need to taste it at the appropriate levels for the recipe you are aiming to make.  Works very well with other spice notes like Cinnamon and Anise in spice blends. Can add an extra spice note to things like Apple Pie and Cinnamon Buns or adds a spicy warmth to custards.

I like to add Cardamom to FA Cam Blend Ultimate with a small amount of Zen Garden.  The sandalwood spices from Cam Blend play very well with the Cardamom and the zen garden just brings in a bit more herbal spice.

This is definitely a flavor that is awesome to have at least a 10ml of in your stash, as it can be a great additive to recipes that you may already enjoy and new recipes you may create.

Original and peculiar taste.

Recommended percentage 2% – 3%

Recipe 1 -- Basic Recipe featuring Cardamom

0.1Cardamom (FA)
1Apricot (FA)
1.25Oba Oba (FA)

As a simple test recipe to see how flavorings work, this simple recipe creates a sweet warm fruity flavor that can be very satisfying especially in less flavorful equipment where complex layered recipes lose their sparkle.

FA Apricot is soft and warm and sweet.  Adding in a small amount of Cardamom brings out a soft warm spicy note from the Apricot.  Adding in FA Oba Oba brings a soft candy like vanilla type of flavor to the apricot, making it a bit creamy and even softer and carries the cardamom flavor even better with the vanilla notes.

Some people find FA apricot to be a little harsh, and Cardamom does increase flavor as it steeps, so giving this recipe a few days to 2 weeks steep can improve the flavor overall for most people.  However some people may enjoy this shake and vape, especially if you don’t find FA apricot to have any throat hit.

Recipe 2 -- Spiced Peaches and Cream

0.75FA White Peach
1.5CAP Yellow Peach
2FLV Vanilla Pudding
0.75FA Vienna Cream
0.45FA Cinnamon
0.15FA Cardamom

This is not an overly complicated peaches and cream recipe, but it is quite nice for a simply layered vape.  The peach can need about 2 weeks to mellow out as it can be a little heavy on the throat hit when mixed fresh. The creams fill out after about 10 to 14 days as well and the light spiced layer lingers just on the edge of the flavor without overpowering it. If you like it a little more spiced or need extra flavor you can adjust the percentages as needed for your palate.

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