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Smooth, rich caramel to blend with almost anything

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Melt sugar, exploding flavor.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Aroma notes – Caramel, Browned Sugar,roasted,malty,creamy

This is one of my favorite diketone-free caramel flavors on the market. It is rich, sweet, caramelic with just enough of that cooked sugar taste to let you know you are vaping caramel. When I’m looking to use no diketones and I need a rich caramel, I actually combine the FlavourArt Caramel with a bit of their Butterscotch to give it a little more of a buttery light tone that you often get with the diketone containing caramels. When I do that type of blend and I want it caramel heavy, I will use up to 2% FA Caramel and 0.5% or 1% FA Butterscotch. When I am looking only to sweeten but not have a heavy caramel, I use FA Caramel at 0.25% up to 0.75%. At those levels it is adding sweetness and some richness, but it’s not going to give you super strong caramel notes. To have noticeable caramel I use 1% up to 3.5%. I generally don’t go over 3.5% as I find it starts to mute some and dulls other flavors. My sweet spot for this flavor is about 1.5% when blending it with other dessert style flavors and 2% when blending it with darker richer tobacco flavors. Adding in 0.15% up to 0.35% with fruit flavors along with FA Liquid Amber can give you a baked/candied/syrup type of fruit flavor.

STEEP TIME – I actually find that this can be vaped immediately after shaking. It doesn’t seem to add any needed time to recipes when it is used at lower percentages or even when used up to 3%. It does blend in and mellow some after a 7 day steep, and seems to completely stop smoothing out around 14 days.

Recipe 1 -- Simple Caramel Candy

1%Oba Oba

No Steep time needed for this recipe. Shake and vape this one. It will mellow a little after 7 days, but it doesn’t change all that much.

Simple recipe mix of Caramel. All Flavors are FlavourArt. In this recipe the caramel is the star even though it isn’t the highest percentage flavor.  The dark caramel tones come through well, the lighter sweeter butterscotch notes fill out the flavor to bring into more into the caramel candy rather than caramel sauce flavor.  The Oba Oba is your candy base. This flavor is a sweet vanilla, creamy, candy like flavor and works well as an additive. Working that into this recipe makes the caramel really become a candy.

If you need to sweeten it, I would suggest 3 drops of Flavorah Sweetness per 30ml.  I can’t use Sucralose, so this is now the sweetener I can comfortably recommend using as it doesn’t cause me issues as an extremely sensitive, allergy ridden vaper.

Recipe 2 -- Caramel Apple Berry Pie

3%Apple Pie
0.5%Fuji Apple
0.75%Forest Fruit
0.25%Black Currant
0.75%Vienna Cream
0.12%Greek Yogurt

You can shake and vape this recipe, however you can also microwave it for 2 second bursts until the liquid is WARM (Not HOT) and shake it gently for about 20 seconds. Let the bubbles clear and then vape away.  The crust notes will continue to develop for up to 14 days after which the steeping stops. The berry notes may also pop more after 7 days.  However it tastes good right from the start. I usually vape it as it’s steeping.

This is an All FlavourArt flavor recipe. The FA Apple Pie is a staple of apple pie and crust flavor. I go a little higher on this flavor because it is one of the more mellow flavorings, but at 3% the crust flavor is the main thing you’re after with that light spice and cooked apple notes in the background.  The apple is enhanced by Fuji Apple, because it is a stronger brighter apple it will pull the apple flavor into the recipe.  Forest Fruit and Black Currant add a lovely berry flavor, it’s not a specific berry it will taste like a mixed berry flavor. The Meringue adds to the toasted crust notes as well as adding more of a rich creamy note in there, but it is used as a secondary ingredient in this recipe supporting the other creams.  Marshmallow adds sweetness at this low percentage, and brings a little fluffy nature to the creams.  The Vienna Cream is the star of the cream notes in this recipe, it is bright and brings the cream tastes together making it taste like a dollop of ice cream on top of the pie slice.  The Greek Yogurt is here as an enhancer, the tangy cream notes enhance the crust notes and play on the berry notes giving it a very realistic characteristic.  To top all of this off you will get a thin note of caramel throughout the exhale as if you had caramel drizzle over top of the ice cream and pie.  It’s not an in your face note in this recipe but this highlights out you can use caramel to float through the recipe when it isn’t the star of the show.

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  1. Fantastic Notes! FA Caramel is such a great flavor with so many applications, but I still learned a thing or two here. Thank you for your work!

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