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My All Time Flavorite Tobacco!

Back many years ago when I was still only vaping fruit flavors, I found myself not quite satisfied with vaping.  I was smoking every now and then because fruit just wasn’t cutting it.  So I finally ordered myself some tobaccos.  The first round turned out pretty bad, using TFA and FW tobaccos. They tasted horrible to me, and back then TFA was carrying tobacco absolute which just killed coils.  I was becoming pretty discouraged with it until I found Cam Blend Ultimate – though when I first bought it it was called CamT or CamTel Ultimate which many of you may have heard me calling this flavor. I picked up Cam Blend, Black Fire, and Shade at the same time.  Little did I know this would be the start to my all time favorite recipe Hanky Panky.

FlavourArt Cam Blend Ultimate is a mixture of sandalwood, spicy tobacco, dark leathery tobacco, with a slightly violet floral light note, which adds to it’s overall spicy flavor.  It is a bold tasting tobacco flavor, but it blends very well with other flavors.  I loved Cam Blend so much that over the course of 2 years I vaped it pretty much daily, to the point I’ve gone pretty flavor blind to it if I vape it more than 10mls of it at one time now.  But that is how much I seriously loved this flavor and set me on the journey of being a tobacco vaper.

What can we do with this flavor? Well it works beautifully with fruits in a sweet type of tobacco vape. It works with woody spicy notes to make a rich tobacco only flavor – adding a little bit of FA Bitter Wizard can take away some of the sweetness and leave you with a drier spicy tobacco.  You can blend it with spices like cinnamon and clove and bakery flavors to create a woody spiced bakery flavor.

Since I’ve ended up flavor exhausting my palate with this flavor, I can easily go higher on it now for percentages in order to taste it, but at the same time that also causes me to go blind faster, so I try to keep the percentages for Cam Blend below 3%.  For most average vapers 0.25% is enough to actually taste the essence of this flavor in a blend. For sensitive folks you can even go as low as 0.1% and still likely taste it.  But for muted tasters or folks using flavor muting equipment you can take it up to the 3% to 4% range if you have trouble tasting it.

There are no serious off notes with this flavor, even at percentages as high as 4%. But for folks who find the smell of sandalwood incense to be offensive, this may not be the flavor for you.  The sandalwood notes can remind some people who dislike incense too much of that aroma and it will be off putting.  But if you’re like me and love that aroma, or have no strong opinions about it either way, this flavor will fit into your mixing line-up very well.


Suggested Percentages:

Additive flavor – 0.25% to 0.5%

Secondary flavor – 0.5% to 1.5%

Main Tobacco flavor – 0.75% to 3%

Aromas: Dark, Deep woodsey notes, aromatic,spicey, semi sweet, floral.

This tobacco is strong and aromatic. It reminds me of pipe tobacco more than it would remind me of a cigarette type tobacco. It has some leathery notes. I pick up the type of floral spice notes in fresh vanilla bean. It leaves an outer aroma of sweet sandalwood with some Smokey aspects.

This tobacco to me is a main note tobacco because it’s so hard to tame down. This is a full on tobacco note. This is far far from what you should use if your going for a dessert tobacco. Because of its inherent spice notes adding additional spices work real well. Things like anise, clove, cinnamon, cardamon, bergamot, green tea, have been some of the flavors I’ve used with it. I’ve also softened it with things like nutmix, peanut and torrone. I’ve pushed it to a darker side with Coffee, Cocoa, and tiramisu. This might not be the easiest flavor to balance but it’s certainly a good one to play with.

From the “Ultimate” project. A luxury blend of spicy, woody and sweet notes.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Recipe 1 -- Basic Tobacco Blend

1.25FA Cam Blend
0.25FA Black Fire
0.5FA Oakwood

This is a simple blend, Cam Blend as the main tobacco note, a little bit of black fire to add a touch of smoky note, and a bit of Oakwood to add a touch more woody to the Cam blend.  If it’s a little too sweet or on the wet side, add 0.2% of Bitter Wizard to tone down the VG sweetness and make your tobacco a bit drier.  Or alternatively you can add in 0.12% of Apple Cider Vinegar to this blend to give it a bit of a bite and enhance the overall flavor.  Instead of adding bitter like Bitter Wizard does, it ACV adds sour and tartness, which won’t give you the dryness that Bitter Wizard gives, but will reduce the VG sweetness and makes the tobacco notes brighten just that little bit.

Recipe 2 -- Hanky Panky (AKA Jarvis' all time favorite ADV)

2.25Cam Blend Ultimate (FA)
1.15Black Fire (FA)
0.65Desert Ship (FA
1Shade (FA)
0.85Royal (FA)
0.5Oak Wood (FA)
0.92Neroli (FA)
1Oba Oba (FA)
0.75Zen Garden (FA)
3Blueberry Wild (TFA)
1Mango (TFA)
1Hibiscus (TFA)

The woody spicy tobacco notes balance out the sweet blueberry and mango flavors with a touch of light hibiscus on the top to give it a brightness to balance out the dark notes of the tobacco.  A bit of Oba Oba to sweeten it and add a touch of vanilla.  Zen Garden adds a layer of herbal notes that play with the Cam blend nicely. And the notes that Neroli gives are a light citrus floral that also adds brightness.  Overall this is a very well balanced sweet tobacco blend.  This is a great blend for regular tobacco vapers and new to tobacco flavor mixers, unless you hate sandalwood, in which case I would suggest looking at other tobacco recipes without the Cam Blend.  However, I don’t recommend subbing anything on this recipe.  I have subbed out the TFA hibiscus for CAP before, but it was too spicy.  I have swapped the TFA Mango out for FLV Mango, but it was too wet and FLV Mango was not bright enough to play as well with the Cam Blend as TFA’s mango does.  I’ve mixed this recipe with only the blueberry and mango and tobaccos (even leaving out Shade when I ran out) and it is just lacking without the extra flavor notes in it.  So you can take inspiration from this recipe as you like, but if you want the genuine taste experience I suggest mixing as it is listed.  You can find it on ELR HERE.

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