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Bright and Sweet

Aroma: Creamy, brown sugar, cooked, caramel, buttery,  sweet.


FlavourArt Butterscotch is my go to diketone free version.  Compared to the other brands that have varying levels of the 3 different diketones, FA Butterscotch is lighter on the buttery or cream notes, but is a brighter type of caramel note.  It is not as molasses rich, but lighter, sugar with caramelized butter type of taste. But it does have a hint of those brown sugar caramel notes.  FA Butterscotch works as a shake and vape, but steeps out to a lovely smooth butterscotch note.

There are many applications for FA Butterscotch, either as an additive note or a main flavor note. The percentages you use will depend on the application you are seeking for this flavor.

Recommended percentages:

Additive note – 0.08% – 0.5%

Secondary note – 0.25% -0.85%

Main Note – 0.65% – 2.5%

Highest percentage before off flavors occur is 4%.  Beyond 4% this flavor just goes chemical tasting. How much you will will depend on many factors, from your ability to taste to your equipment being used.  Going to percentages between 2.5% and 4% will be for when this flavor is competing in a recipe as a main note against other flavors that are bullies on the palate. High percentages of custards or creams can tone down butterscotch to the point that you need levels as high as 4%, and stout tobaccos may need the higher percentages if you want butterscotch as a main note.

Cream vanilla and butter in a powerful and tasty mix.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Recipe 1 -- Simple Butterscotch Candy

0.5Oba Oba

Quick and easy recipe for butterscotch candies.  I use the caramel just to boost the caramel tones in the butterscotch, just to make it thicker as well.  The Oba Oba adds a creamy vanilla candy note to it that turns this more into a butterscotch chewy candy than just straight butterscotch syrup taste.

Can be shake and vape.  You can add sweetener to this if you like, between 0.25% and 3% depending on how sweet you want and which sweetener you are using.  I go 0.25% with FLV Sweetness as my sweetener.

Fully steeped at 3 weeks.

photo credit: onlinepastrychef butterscotch candy 015 via photopin (license)

Recipe 2 -- Butternut Balls

2FA Butterscotch
1FA Marzipan
0.35FA Torrone
0.15FA Nut Mix
0.5FA Oba Oba
0.5FA Coconut

This one is a bit of a steeper for me. Needed about 3 weeks but was better at almost 4 weeks and completely smooth after 5 weeks.

The idea of this flavor profile was some white creamy truffles that I found in a Vermont shop. It was rich butterscotch with a creamy almost white chocolate type of truffle, but it had a hint of coconut to it and was rolled in a crushed nut mix.

If you like things a little sweeter, adding a bit of which ever your favorite brand or type of sweetener can make this even more candy like.

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