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The Most Common Tobacco Flavor

Aromas: Woody, dried leafy, waxy floral – undertone of ylang ylang,  sandalwood, citrus.

FlavourArt’s Burley flavor is the perfect all around tobacco flavor.  It blends well with other flavors, works in conjunction with other tobaccos, and as a stand alone tobacco note is just delightful.  There is a lingering note that reminds me of smelling the loose leaf pipe tobaccos in the shops. That rich stout tobacco leaf note, layered with lighter floral notes that add to the overall tobacco notes, with a light hint of citrus top note that dissolves into the base notes as it is vaped.

FlavourArt has done an amazing job capturing the essence of the tobacco flavors.  I’ve smelled straight Burley leaves before and this overall aroma is very realistic.  As a vape it can be morphed into different styles, dry very leafy tobaccos, or sweeter fruity types, or even bakeries.  Burley as a flavor doesn’t overpower other flavors and can be layered in with different styles as a background note or pushed to the front as more of a main note.

Recommended percentages

0.15% – 0.5% as an additive flavor

0.5% – 1.5% as a secondary tobacco flavor

1% to 4% as a main tobacco flavor

Aromas:  Mild, semi sweet, leathery, smoky

Burley is a smooth tobacco with very little throat hit.  It’s got a silky vibe to it, sort of the silk you would get from a cream.  It is a pleasant middle of the road tobacco that would fit in as a filler with other stronger tobacco notes.

I do not detect any pepper notes or ash notes, but I do detect some sort of lightly Smoked Leathery note and maybe some sandalwood notes.

I would classify this as a medium tobacco and it has a nice light aroma. This is a good tobacco to build on and use to enhance other tobaccos.

The lighter We succeeded to bring in this flavor the sun, the breeze and the fragrance of Kentucky. Rich and smooth, with delicate floral undertones.

Suggested percentage 1-2%

Recipe 1 -- Simple Tobacco

.25Black Fire

This is a simple recipe that highlights the tastes of Burley without overpowering it with other tobaccos.  I like to use just a tiny bit of Virginia from Flavourart to bring out the lighter tobacco notes, but going too much higher with Virginia would overpower Burley very easily.  A touch of Black Fire adds the burning smoky note to the overall blend.

If this recipe with higher VG amounts is a little too sweet, add 0.2% of FA Bitter Wizard to reduce sweetness.

This recipe was vapable fresh, but does take about 2 weeks to fully steep to it’s finished flavor.

photo credit: melystu Hanging Day via photopin (license)

Recipe 2 -- Peachy Tobacco

0.25Vanilla Classic
0.45Hypnotic Mist
0.35White Peach

In this recipe Burley is your only tobacco note.  It is warmed a little with a touch of vanilla.  The Hypnotic mists flavor works to highlight the soft citrus notes found in Burley and acts as a sweetener and blender for the peach flavors.

I utilize my flavorite combination of the FA Peach flavors with their apricot flavor in this recipe.  The apricot flavor has a hint of a citrus note to it that works with the tobacco and hypnotic mist, as if to bridge the gap between the peach and the citrus flavors.  I use both peach flavors because they compliment each other so well, that they just have to be used together.

This recipe is very much like a soft peach pipe tobacco.  It is warm and soft and leafy, definitely a satisfying tobacco vape for those who like tobacco flavors when they are sweet or bakery styles.


It is a little harsh fresh, but smooths out after about a week of steeping.  Full flavor at 3 weeks of steeping.

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