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Cereal Without Cardboard!

Aromas: Grainy – corn,wheat, toasted, slight honey sweetness, hint of coconut.

I’m an unsure where FlavourArt got the description for this flavor, because chocolate and hazelnut are certain not aromas I get from this flavor at all.   This flavor straight out of the bottle smells like dry cereal somewhere between Kix cereal and Cheerios.  A little bit of a wheaty note mixed with a light corn note drizzled with a hint of sweetness, but not an obvious sweetness nor is it outright a honey note.

There is a slight coconut note, but it was only there once I had been vaping the flavor for several hours.  I don’t get any discernible nut notes though I supposed a hazelnut note could be responsible for the toasted taste.

Overall it’s the perfect dry cereal base. It doesn’t suffer with the cardboard notes that most other cereal flavors seem to have.  Most of the cereals I’m tried from other brands smell similar to the cereal they are emulating including the cardboard box they are contained within. Unfortunately that cardboard taste can carry through into the vape with most cereal flavors.  FlavourArt’s Breakfast Cereals is the first one without that cardboard note.  It is however very dry. It is not a cereal with cream notes, it is a dry corn/wheat style cereal.  This makes it the perfect base for designing a cereal recipe.  You can add your favorite creams and other fruit flavors to this cereal and it just lays in the bottom layers adding that cereal note.

If you’ve been waiting for a great cereal base flavor for your various cereal type vapes, this is definitely my choice for the best flavor I’ve tested so far in terms of flavor and mixing ability.  I decided to give this flavor a thorough testing in single flavor and a few recipes. I’m still working with it, but the few test recipes I’ve done have turned out quite lovely.

I’ve tested Breakfast Cereals with a few cookie recipes looking to add that baked flavor to some of the more raw cookie dough tasting aromas, and I find that it helps add a toasted note without adding extra creamy notes like using toasted marshmallows often do.

Recommended amounts:
Additive for baked/toasted/texture:  0.25% to 0.75% (depends on the heaviness of other flavors.)
Secondary flavor: 0.5% to 1%
Main Flavor as a cereal: 1.25% to 3%

The flavour of chocolate milk combined with red fruits and hazelnuts.
An explosive mix, ready to kickstart your day.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Recipe 1 -- Fruity Dry Cereal

1.5Breakfast Cereals
0.5Forest Fruit
0.5Juicy Strawberry

This is a dry cereal flavor, no added creams.  Very simple. The cereal base accepts the forest fruit flavors very well and tastes like a berry flavored dry cereal.  The Juicy Strawberry is added here less as a fruit and more as a sweetener.  If you prefer sucralose as your sweetening agent, go low on it as this cereal flavor doesn’t need a ton of sweetness added.

Steep time – 7 days

It was vapeable fresh, but after a week of steeping the cereal smooths out and there is less throat hit, as well the fruit flavors blend in more with the cereal making it more of a single flavor rather than fruit layered on top of cereal.

photo credit: adrianvfloyd C e r e a l via photopin (license)

Recipe 2 -- Strawberry Cereal Milk

%Flavors (all FA Flavors)
2Breakfast Cereals
0.75Juicy Strawberry
1.5Red Touch (Strawberry)
0.4Cream Fresh

You can find this recipe on All The Flavors HERE.   I wanted a good strong cereal base, but my first attempts with this blending left the cereal note lost in the background after it steeped when I went lower in percentage.  This is my most current version which hasn’t fully steeped out yet, but from early testing I think the Cereal is where it needs to be now.

This recipe really needs a 1 week steep minimum, 14 days to be nearly fully steeped. But it is totally vapeable after 1 week.  The cream notes just smooth out and blend more into the recipe as it steeps and the strawberry flavors calm down.

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  1. Great flavor notes…I have had this for a while now and finally getting around to trying it. I wa going to SFT it, but after seeing your notes I feel comfortable moving forward with my first (test) recipe with this flavors.
    Thanks for all the work you do!

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