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Interesting to vape

Aromas: Oak, alcoholic, warm leafy green/peatmoss, vanilla, apricot

FlavourArt’s Brandy is definitely an interesting flavor. I can’t say that I am a brandy drinker, as I am not a fan of that type of alcohol, but this flavor isn’t offensive to me like the actual drink is. The alcohol note in this is not very strong, but lends a warmth to the overall flavor.

Before I started working on writing these flavor notes, I hadn’t actually tried FA’s Brandy flavor. I’d never mixed with it.  But I’ve mixed with FA Oakwood a lot. I was actually vaping a tobacco flavor that had Oakwood in it right before and after taste testing this flavor and I realized that Brandy carries a very similar flavor note that the Oakwood flavor carries.  This revelation made me think that Brandy would actually work in places where you were going for say a Bourbon type of flavor and you wanted an oak-barrel aged type of taste.

I didn’t find this flavor to be excessively strong, so it gives Brandy a larger range of use as an additive, secondary note, and main note.  I can’t say I enjoyed vaping this flavor on it’s own, but that is my own taste preferences not the quality of this flavor.  I have never tasted Brandy as a drink before, so I am not sure about the authenticity of this aroma.

I have not experimented with this flavor quite enough, though I did mix a couple of recipes to go with this flavor note. I could see it working in various bakeries and tobaccos as a secondary note quite well.  After writing these notes I am likely to find more uses for this flavor as time goes on.

Recommended Percentages

0.25% up to 3% either as main note or accent note.  It has a lot of uses I see, but I have not experimented enough with this flavor to give definite percentages for the different uses.

Bring in the taste and warmth of a delicious spirit. Alcohol free.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Recipe 1 -- Brandy Alexander

2FA Brandy
0.75FA Cocoa
0.12FLV Eggnog
0.37FLV Cream

I can’t say as I’ve ever had this drink, but I designed the recipe around the recipe of the actual drink and the resulting vape is warm smooth and delicious.  I did end up adding in 0.15% of FLV Sweetness to this, just as I really felt it could use just a touch of sweetness that you get as an effect from the nutmeg spice.

Normally I try to do 3 flavors for the simple recipe, and I try to use all FlavourArt flavors, but unfortunately FA has nothing that is really nutmeg like, and it really needed the thickness of FLV’s cream flavor.

I can’t say I would vape this all day, but I can see this recipe being perfect for after a meal.

I used the Eggnog flavor here as the nutmeg spice. I get mostly nutmeg from this flavor, which is why I thought it would be perfect.  There is a touch of cinnamon to it, but it goes well with it. The only company that I see that carries a nutmeg flavor is Nature’s Flavors. I haven’t tried it, so I can’t recommend it, but if you want to experiment and sub NF nutmeg for FLV Eggnog it might work out well.

photo credit: Ballacorkish Brandy! via photopin (license)

Recipe 2 -- Brandy Caramel Sauce

0.5FA Brandy
0.75FA Caramel
0.25FA Butterscotch
0.25TFA Brown Sugar
1FLV Sweet Cream
2.5TFA Sweetener

This recipe is great on its own as a brandy caramel vape or it can be used as a concentrate recipe mixed with other flavors.

The brandy in this recipe is a warm oak barrel type of flavor that complements the caramel. The brown sugar and butterscotch work in conjunction with the caramel with the light sweet cream added in smooth it all out. This is not an extremely complex recipe, but it is a very satisfying recipe on its own.

If you mix this as a concentrate base I would suggest using it at about 2% to 5% in another recipe. If you would prefer to not use TFA sweetener, you can use Capella’s supersweet but you will want to use a lot less. If you are using supersweet you may also want to increase the amount of brown sugar added to this recipe.

This recipe takes approximately two weeks to fully steep. You can shake and vape this recipe if you really want to but it may be a little harsh to begin with. It does continue to smooth out for a full four weeks but it is fully capable and pretty much steeped at two weeks time.

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