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Realistic Bright Orange

Aromas: Orange zest, Orange oil, orange, orange, and more orange.

FlavourArt Blood Orange is one of the few orange flavors I can tolerate vaping.  99% of other orange flavors are far too bitter for me to use as a vape without a ridiculous amount of sweetener which I can’t vape anyway. I am very sensitive to citrus flavors so my opinions should be looked at on this flavor as the most extreme end of the sensitivity level and your uses may vary drastically from mine considering this.

There is very little else to this flavor but straight up orange. I do get a light neroli floral hint when vaped at higher percentages, and a bit of the orange bitter notes, but at lower percentages I absolutely love the realistic orange flavor.

I may be one of those weird people who can’t taste much of a difference when actually eating a ripe orange compared to a ripe blood orange, I don’t taste much of a difference except in the sweetness of it and the slightly more rich orange tones in the blood orange.  FA Blood Orange is more the richer orange tones of the blood orange than a regular orange, but that is the only difference between straight orange and this flavor, though not when comparing FA Orange or Royal Orange, they are both completely different flavorings to Blood Orange.

When I use FA Blood Orange I find I have to change the percentage usually a few times as I remix a recipe, since this flavor seem to have a very delicate threshold for perception.  If I go too low I lose the orange notes and too high it turns bitter and overpowers everything else in the mix.  It’s like being the Goldilocks of mixing…too high…too low…ahhh…just right. But when you hit the perfect percentage for the recipe you are working on you will know it. That orange flavor will be right where you want it and it will taste divine.

Use my recommendations for percentages as a starting point for your experimentation. These are not set in stone and even vary for me too depending on the recipe. So these are just general amounts for this flavor.

Recommended Percentages:

Accent Flavor – 0.15% -0.75%

Secondary Flavor – 0.45% – 1.25%

Main Flavor – 0.75% – 2.35%


The 2.35% is the highest I’ve taken it where I didn’t start to get bitter off notes. When I added one more drop to it the flavor changed and went bitter. I don’t go much higher than 2% in a simple recipe or it’s way too much for me.

Steeping time for Blood Orange for me is about 4 weeks. I don’t like this flavor fresh, but that is my preference.  When I use FA Blood Orange in recipes I know they are going to be long steepers for me until Blood Orange has smoothed out enough for me to vape.

A bright, fresh true to life blood orange flavour! Beautiful citrus married with the sweetness of blood orange finished with a faint hint of the zest of the peel.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

photo credit: Whirling Phoenix Bloody Oranges via photopin (license)

Recipe 1 -- Simple Orange

1.35FA Blood Orange
0.20FA Hypnotic Mist
0.5FLV Sweetness (Suggestion Pick Sweetener Best for you)

This is a simple recipe example of using FlavourArt’s Blood Orange.

Hypnotic Mist is only used here to soften a little of the sharp top notes. I like this as a sweet blender flavor with citrus type vapes, or where I might like a soft citrus note. While Blood Orange is great on it’s own with just a bit of sweetener, adding that hint of hypnotic mist makes it a far more enjoyable vape, though maybe not the truest form of the orange.

Sometimes I find I don’t always enjoy the most authentic realistic tasting fruit as a vape. This is just a personal preference.  Sometimes I like to add some soft florals or other fruits or blender flavors to change a truly realistic type of aroma into something that feels more palatable for an all day vape.

Steep Time – 4 weeks.

Recipe 2 -- Peach Mimosas

1FA Blood Orange
1.5FA Champagne
0.2FA Oba Oba
0.35FA White Peach
0.25FA Peach
0.45FA Royal Orange
0.45FLV Sweetness
0.65FA Polar Blast

This is not a super complex recipe even though it does have quite a few ingredients. This is the most straightforward you can go with a Mimosa type of flavor. I do get a little bit of a tingle out of FA Champagne, but it isn’t exactly a full fizzy effect.

I blend the two peaches because that is the way I like it. You can use your favorite type of peach if you need to sub the peach notes, just adjust according to your tastes and the flavoring you are using.

FA Oba Oba is used here just to soften the citrus notes and blend the sweetness of fruit flavors together.

Blood Orange blended with Royal Orange makes for an orange juice kind of flavor.

Adjust Polar Blast or your choice of cooling agent to your tastes. I like Polar Blast at this percentage for drinks.

I give this type of recipe a full 4 weeks if not 6 weeks to steep.  I completely dislike fresh citrus vapes, they must be steeped for me.  How long you steep this is up to your taste preferences, but my preference is 4-6 weeks when it fully steeps.

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