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WTF Am I vaping??!!?!?!

I flip open the top of the orange cap to this flavor and I am overwhelmed by a smell that invokes a strong childhood memory smell.  Standing in front of the candy rack searching for peanut butter cups or some other candy, that row of gums were just above my head (yes, I’m short now, I was even shorter as a kid) and the aroma of one gum in particular always stood out to me, the multi colored stripe gum *withholding brand name.*  As a child I was never a big fan of this smell nor of the gum. I know in the pack there are different flavored strips, but they were all tainted with the other flavor’s aromas too much for me to enjoy one flavor.  So, in smelling this aroma from FA’s Blenderize I was a little worried about how I might feel about the taste.

Upon first inhale, it tasted exactly like it smelled out of the bottle. Like pink bubblegum with too much banana in it and a hint of cherry. After 4 puffs it changed. Next it became this very soft fuzzy pink bubblegum as the banana faded back. Then after about 15 more puffs a bright kiwi flavor erupted, kind of tangy, kind of sweet, with still a hint of soft fuzzy bubblegum.

After about 20 minutes of vaping Blenderize, it morphed back into a soft pink bubblegum, with hints of strawberry.  Then towards an hour the bubblegum notes faded even more into the background and a floral banana back note took over with a top note of strawberry.  After a couple hours of vaping it, there was a much heavier floral note that is present in FA’s Banana flavor, but it is now the main note, mingled with a hint of citrus/orange, and cherry.  The bubblegum is completely gone after 3 or so hours, the main fruity part of the banana flavor and the strawberry have faded off, and it’s mostly a soft floral note with a hint of fruit.

This was vaping it freshly mixed.  After 2 weeks and a break from vaping anything that even resembles this flavor, the initial strong banana notes have completely disappeared.  The soft pink bubblegum tastes have completely disappeared. The notes of musky grape flavors, the floral deep notes of banana, a slight pineapple and apple note have appeared, and the overall mixture now tastes like an odd collection of mixed fruits together.  It’s neither great nor horrible. At 2% after 2 weeks it is a bit odd tasting. There is a slight chalky banana note now present that was not there to start. The steep out of this flavor is actually not as good as it is fresh. I prefer this flavor fresh after these tests. If you’re going to steep this flavor out, you may want to mix it with some extra banana, or maybe a bit of a bubblegum flavor and a hint of strawberry.  I think it has the potential to be an interesting backnote, a flavor someone might not put their finger on and would be unsure of what they are tasting.  Sometimes that is a desired result for a recipe.

0.1% – 0.75% Useage as a Backnote in blended recipes

1% to 3% As a single flavor or simple recipe blending. (Good for fresh vaping.)

A taste explosion !!

Suggested percentage 2-3%

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Recipe 1 -- S&V Bubbly Fruity Gum

%Flavors (All FA Flavors)
1.5Blenderize (Tutti Fruiti)
0.75Oba Oba
0.25Vanilla Classic

This is a very simple shake and vape.  And yes, I do mean shake and vape, literally a great recipe for the first few days.  After 2 weeks, for me, not so much.  Fresh this tastes like soft pink bubblegum.  Add in some sweetener of your choice (sucralose will work better here for not needing steep time like stevia based, but stevia based like FLV can still work here at 0.35%)

Once this recipe has steeped out you may experience weird off grape back notes and some heavier floral notes.  You may not experience this as much as I do, unless you are as sensitive as I am.

Recipe 2 -- Mystery Fruit Tobacco

%Flavors (All FA Flavors)
0.35Fresh Fig
0.75Vanilla Classic
0.45Catalan Cream

This is an example recipe of where the steeped out Blenderize works well.  In this you don’t want the bubblegum tastes of the fresh flavor, you want the steeped out musky grape (reminds me of the FA White Grape notes) with the hint of banana and other back notes of various types of fruits.  They are all darker somewhat floral notes, so they contrast the soft banana and sweet fig flavors as well as the sweeter tobacco flavors.

This is a 2-4 week steep recipe. 4 weeks is where this recipe peaks to its full flavor.

You can easily use Blenderize in this fashion with other bakery flavors or tobaccos.

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