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One of the Strongest FA Flavors!

Aroma: Heavy Floral Notes- Rose, Tulip, Lily of the Valley, general berry, powdery (talc), sweetness, green floral, musk floral.

FlavourArt Blackberry is one of the oddest blackberry flavors since it is a heavy floral version of this type of berry flavor.  This isn’t a bad thing, as many people see floral and think perfume, but this is not the case with most berry flavors. As with most berry flavors, the floral notes are part of what make the flavor actually taste like the berry because they are part of what makes up the actual aroma of the flavor.

The uses of this blackberry range, but for most mixers you may find making a 10% dilution (meaning make a single flavor blend with 10% of FA Blackberry with PG or PDO) and then use that dilution for more reasonable amounts.  This flavor one of the strongest flavors that FlavourArt makes.  Once you’ve made a 10% dilution you can use the dilution in quantities from 0.25% up to 2% depending on the recipe and application of this flavoring.

Applications where this flavor shines:

A subtle top note floral flavor to heavier berry or brighter berry flavors, where a softening of the sharper berry notes is desired.  Full Strength recommendation for subtle top notes is 0.02% (yes this is an incredibly small amount.) 10% Solution – 0.25%.

A secondary berry note – blended with other berry flavors or other main flavorings like apple — 0.08% to 0.10% of Full Strength —  0.75% – 1.25% of 10% Solution.

I don’t really recommend this as a full on main flavor or as a true berry tasting blackberry.  It is a little too floral to be a full realistic berry flavor.  It works well coupled with FA Forest Fruit where you will get more of the jammy, richer berry flavors.

Other blackberry flavors that I recommend pairing FA Blackberry flavor with to create a realistic style blackberry – Super Concentrate Blackberry (this is my #1 choice for blackberry flavor.) CAP Blackberry (this one is a little more floral so go easy with FA Blackberry in pairing it as a top note.) One on One Flavors Blackberry — this is more of a candy taste, but adding in the florals of FA Blackberry makes for some interesting effects.

Musk and fruity.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

photo credit: Theo Crazzolara Brombeere via photopin (license)

Recipe 1 -- Simple Blackberry Recipe

%Flavors (All FlavourArt Flavors)
0.35Classic Vanilla (Madagascar)

This is a simple recipe that highlights the flavor of the blackberry from FlavourArt while creating a nice smooth taste.  It is a little candy like with the marshmallow, but that marshmallow and vanilla sweeten and add a background for the top heavy floral notes of the blackberry flavor.  It’s definitely not an all day vape for me. It is more of a way to see how blackberry works with other flavors and may be an ADV for someone out there who falls in love with this flavor.

If you want to make it really sweet add some sweetener to your liking.

Recipe 2 -- Caramel Apple Blackberry Tart

%Flavors (All FlavourArt Flavors)
0.45Fuji Apple
1.25Apple Pie
0.2Liquid Amber
0.35Vanilla Bourbon
0.25Forest Fruit

In this recipe FA Cocoon adds a caramel and apple note, FA Apple Pie gives you the tart crust, a little extra Fuji highlights the apple notes, and the blackberry at even this low will come through strong. The Forest Fruit is used to round out the berry flavors since blackberry is so top heavy, it adds the back and mid notes to the overall berry flavor. Liquid Amber is more of an option ingredient, but it works to add warmth and an overall baked flavor to the recipe, if you don’t have it and want to try this recipe you can mix it without.

The vanilla is generally just needed for baked goods as most have some amount of vanilla notes in them.

I would add in 0.45% of FLV Sweetness to boost the sweet flavors and steep for 4 weeks.  If you’re using sucralose, use to your tastes, but I would suggest 0.65% of CAP Super Sweet would be enough, or use the equivalent in other sucralose sweeteners.

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