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Most realistic black tea flavor

Are you a fan of Black Tea? I love loose black tea that I get from my local co-op in bulk. It does taste different from the average tea bags (you know that popular brand that everyone now associates with tea bags in the US.)  FlavourArt Black Tea is loose leaf black tea. It is absolutely the most authentic black tea flavor on the market right now.

Aromas: dry leafy, floral, sweet floral, woody, almost a light grape astringent bottom note with a floral apple top note.

FlavourArt Black Tea is an easy flavor to mix with, but it does take about 3 to 4 weeks to fully steep.  It can be vaped right away without any harshness, but the flavor itself is far weaker when fresh compared to when it is fully steeped, so I strongly suggest that when mixing with this flavor to give your recipes adequate steeping time before deciding how the recipe turned out.

I do realize how those aromas I listed above might seem a little odd for tea flavor, cause you know, it’s a tea flavor right? But every finished aroma has individual molecular compounds which have aroma all their own.  The combination of those aromas is what makes a tea flavor that we recognize.  So don’t let floral or leafy or even the fruity notes turn you off to the idea of the taste of this flavor, because it is truly authentic tasting of gourmet black teas.

If you are looking for the flavor of those powdered Ice Teas that are still pretty popular, then this is not the correct tea flavor to use. This tea is more for those who enjoy a fine cup of loose-leaf black tea.

There are many applications with this flavor that aren’t just straight Tea flavors. Though a good cup of tea vape is lovely, you can use this flavor for so much more.  At very low percentages it can be used to add a different dimension to lighter leafy tobaccos, a richness to some fruits, like apple or pear or grape, or even an interesting secondary note in bakery flavors.

This flavor is also not aggressively strong, but it is pervasive when you blend it in with other lighter flavors, so going extremely low as an accent flavor is often necessary.  This can be achieved either by mixing larger batches or using a 10% dilution of the Black Tea flavor and then using it as an accent note percentage in smaller batches.

Recommended percentages:

0.01% – 0.25% — Accent flavor

0.25% – 0.75%  — Secondary flavor

1% -2% — Main flavor

Can be shake and vape, though the flavor will be diminished. Needs at least 1 week to be stronger, 4 – 6 weeks for full steep of this flavor. Once it is steeped you will taste far more from this flavor than you do when it is fresh.

The intensity of cured leaves.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Recipe 1 -- Simple Recipe - Cuppa Tea

1.5FA Black Tea
0.25FA Fresh Cream
0.35FLV Sweetness

This is a very simple recipe for a plain cup of tea with milk. Now you could sub fresh cream with your favorite cream flavor, but go relatively low with it as you want the tea to be the main note, with the cream just lingering on the back end of the exhale where you would normally have it with a cup of tea with milk.

I like my tea sweetened, so I add a hint of sweetener here. If you prefer sucralose, I would suggest  1% with TFA, 0.25% with CAP, and 0.5% with FW or JF.

photo credit: masochismtango Tea Cup via photopin (license)

Recipe 2 -- Cinnamon Tea Shortbread Cookies

1.25FA Cookie
0.5FA Black Tea
0.25FA Marzipan
0.35FA Cinnamon Ceylon
0.45FA Vanilla Classic
1.5TFA Sweetener

This is a long steeper of a recipe.  All the ingredients are pretty self explanatory, except for maybe the Marzipan. This is used to blend the vanilla and tea notes into the cookie flavor, as well as add a sweet almond creamy note to the recipe, which works nicely with the tea flavor.

I use TFA Sweetener here purposefully.  While I can’t vape this flavor as an ADV because of the sweetener used, it is the most appropriate sweetener to use, as the maltol in the sweetener adds a slight caramel sweetness to the cookies.  If you don’t have TFA’s and want to use a different type, then adjust the percentage based on what you are using and how it tastes to you.

This recipe needs 3-4 weeks minimum steep time.

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