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Black Fire: A Must Have In Your Tobacco Line Up

Aromas: Smoky, woody, camp fire, dark tobacco, toasted, light caramel tones, earthy, slightly dirty (at high percentages.)

I love Black Fire. I use it in so many of my tobacco blends when I want anything from a slight toasted note up to dirty dark fired tobacco types of tastes.  In fact Black Fire can be used in many things beyond just tobaccos, with Marshmallow it can add a bit of a toasted note when used at a very low level – like 0.03% – or it can add a super dark dirty tobacco note blended with other tobaccos at 3%. The range on this flavor is enormous. I’ve even used it as high as 4% with some stronger tobaccos where I wanted a really dense smoky note.

Black Fire on it’s own at like 1.5% tastes like campfire smoke with a back note of tobacco and a slight sweetness on the exhale of a caramel type taste, but it is not the most apparent aroma in this flavor, in fact it is such a subtle note that many people may not notice it over the smoky rich notes.

I wouldn’t say Black Fire is a stand alone flavor, but instead works best as an additive and supporting flavor in just about any type of flavor profile.  It can work with fruits or bakeries to make a baked, or grilled type of taste. It can work with something like whisky or brandy to up the oaky woody notes — you can use FA Oakwood as well to boost those notes.

When blending this with tobaccos how much you use will be depend on what level of smoky notes you want in the blend.

Recommended Usage Amounts:

For Subtle Baked/grilled notes: 0.03% – 0.09%
For light smoky notes:  0.10% – 0.5%
For medium smoky notes: 0.5% – 1%
For heavy smoky notes: 1.25% – 3%
For super dank heavy smoky notes: 4%


So in the end this is an amazing flavoring to have on hand.  A 10ml or 30ml bottle will probably do you if you plan to use it as an additive flavor.  It is shelf stable for at max 18 months, then it starts to fade in flavor potency and gets a little weird smelling and tasting. Buy only what you’ll use of this flavor in that time period.

An intense smokey character with mellow caramel undertone.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

photo credit: max.hau11 Maifeuer via photopin (license)

Recipe 1 -- Basic Dirty Tobacco

0.75Black Fire
0.5Desert Ship

In this recipe you have a medium strength Black Fire blended with the dry brown leafy notes of Desert Ship, and the rich and slightly nutty tobacco leaf taste of Glory. This might not be the tobacco recipe for those of you who are RY4 fans or dessert tobacco fans, as this is a dirty, dry tobacco flavor. But it is exactly that profile and it may be something that some people are really looking for.

If you want to go beyond the 3 flavor basic recipe you can add a few more flavors to make this recipe even better.

0.25% FA Oakwood

0.2% FA Liquid Amber

0.45% FA Marshmallow

0.15% FA Meringue


These additives will add some moisture (from the liquid amber and the meringue,) you get a boost to the woody notes with the Oakwood and you get a bit of sweet creamy from marshmallow and the meringue.  Meringue also adds to the toasty cookie background note in this recipe.

These additives won’t make a dessert vape, but it makes the dirty tobacco smooth, and not quite as dry.

Give this recipe a 2 week steep minimum for the tobaccos to start to ripen. 4 weeks for a full steep.

Recipe 2 -- Smoky Brandy Custard

0.15Black Fire
0.5Vanilla Classic

Yes this custard has lemon notes in it, so if you really hate the lemon notes, feel free to sub it out for whatever custard you want — but the rest of the recipe may need to be adjusted  to accommodate a different custard flavor.

I saw this custard as an actual food on Pinterest. The recipe I looked at called for lemon zest, so I felt FA’s custard would go nicely with this flavor profile. The lemon notes just make the boozy alcohol notes in the brandy pop and acts to balance the tones of the Brandy Flavor.

Each of the flavors in this recipe serves a purpose. Brandy/oakwood/black fire are used to create the main profile aroma of the smoked brandy part of the custard. Custard is the other main profile flavor.  The meringue adds a little more toasted note and a bit of texture along with the marshmallow which is also there to add thickness and texture. The Vanilla Classic adds to the vanilla notes that are nice in the custard flavor and acts to sweeten and balance the boozy notes.

If you like your dessert flavors sweetened, 1.5% TFA Sweetener, or 0.5% CAP Super Sweet, or 1% FW Sweetener, or 0.75% FLV Sweetness (<– My preferred sweetener) will work to sweeten the overall taste without making it super sugary.

Steep time on this one is 1 month. Yes, give it a full 4 weeks steep. While you may even find this vapable right away or after 2 weeks, it becomes a lot creamier and smoother and smoky and balanced after a full 4 weeks and then for about 4 months. After 4 months steeping you’ll find the lemon notes start to go weird and then the whole thing just falls a bit flat. So there’s kind of an expiration date on this one, which is about 6 months max for best results.

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