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Spicy Sweet Berries

Aroma Profile Notes: Grape, Peach, Cranberry, Pine, Skunk, green vine/leafy, astringent, slightly musty, slightly musky, talc, and a hint of violet spice.


FlavourArt’s Black Currant may seem like it has an odd collection of aromas, but those are just the singular aroma notes I can pick out of the overall aroma.  Everything all blended together tastes much like wine grapes, slightly astringent, but with a deeper richer cordial type of black currant taste, as opposed to the lighter red wine type of taste. There is also a deep cranberry note in there too, but it is mingled with the grape notes.

The aroma’s of Pine and Skunk shouldn’t scare you away, as they are not something that you would be able to define in the actual vape, but they add to the spicy notes and overall aroma that makes this into a Black Currant rather than a grape type of flavor.

When I say spice it is not in the traditional kind of sense like cinnamon or chilli peppers, it is more of a subtle spice note like a mellow green spice, like basil, or savory kind of spice. The skunky note is something those familiar with the cannabis herb smell would recognize, it’s an herbal skunky kind of note, but it is so subtle in this flavor that most average tasters would never even perceive it, and less than average tasters wouldn’t have a clue what I’m talking about.

FA Black Currant is by far one of my favorite berry flavors. I like it over strawberry and raspberry by far. The overall taste of this flavor will be very familiar to those who live in countries where black currant candies are popular – I myself love black currant jelly beans or chewy candies from the UK. While Black Currant is a somewhat realistic flavor compared to the actual fruit, it does fall more into the candy flavoring for me than the realistic fruit category.  Single flavor at 2% with a bit of sweetener to it and it’s basically black currant candy. I do however use it in so many other ways as an additive flavor or a secondary berry note or even a blended flavor with grape to bring out a more realistic type of grape taste.

In vaping black currant I don’t get any off notes until I get above 2.5%.  At 3% I got more of the talc powder note and some significant harshness. This may not be the case for everyone, but that is what I perceive.


Usage Amounts:
Additive – 0.12% – 0.35% — At this level you won’t get full Black Currant flavor in a mix, but a subtle addition of it’s flavor notes to whatever main flavor profiles you are going for. I use this with forest fruit, or strawberry, or blueberry or even fig at this level to add just a little something different to the overall profile without being able to pick out the black currant notes distinctly.

Secondary flavor-  0.5% – 1.25% — At this level it becomes noticeable that black currant is present in the recipe. Even at 0.5% I know black currant is there. Pairing it with Apricot, or peachy type flavors or even pomegranate or apple will give you a delightfully different type of flavor profile compared to the common fruit pairings.

Main flavor – 0.75% – 2.5%  — Depending on what you are mixing Black Currant with will completely dictate how much you use.  For lighter flavors going with it as a main profile you will want to use less, as black currant has a tendency to overpower everything in a mix if the other flavors are not strong enough to stand up to it.  Black Currant is a little bit of a bully flavor. But higher amounts can easily be used with heavier thicker custard types of flavors or strong cookie bases.

Fruity but intense. A special one

Suggested percentage 2-3%

photo credit: www.tOrange.biz currants-in-isolation via photopin (license)

Recipe 1 -- Simple Sweet Black Currants

2FA Black Currant
0.5TFA Circus Cotton Candy (or EM)
0.45FLV Sweetness

Normally I try to do all FA flavors with my FA notes, but in this case Black Currant is such a good flavor on it’s own, all it needed was a bit of added sweetness to really make its candy like goodness shine.

I like the little bit of EM or cotton candy simply because it gives it more of a sugary type of aroma since I’m not using sucralose, though even if I were using sucralose I like to have that added aroma that cotton candy type of flavor adds.

If you want to up the candy game even more, you can add in 0.25% of FA Sour Wizard, and you have yourself a sweet and mildly sour flavor.

I use a bit of FLV sweetness here, but you can feel free to substitute this flavor out for your preferred sweetener and adjust the percentage to reflect that sweetener and your preference.

I wouldn’t go any higher with the EM, if anything you can reduce it down to 0.25% if you don’t want as much of that candy flavor or remove it completely and just use sweetener.

But 2% Black Currant as a stand alone flavor is about right where it should be for not just me as a sensitive taster, but for even muted tasters.  For me it’s very bold, almost to the maximum I would use this flavor, but for a muted taster it will be just about right, and for an average taster it will be somewhat bold in flavor.

Recipe 2 -- Black Currant and Apricot Tort

%Flavors (All FA Flavors)
2.5Apple Pie
0.45Black Currant
.25White Peach
0.75Vanilla Classic

For this recipe the Apple Pie is acting more as the crust flavor, than an apple pie flavor.  The slight spices that are in it actually lend nicely to the Apricot taste and Black Currant. You will not taste much in the way of apple, though slightly on the exhale, but it is so subtle that is shouldn’t be noticed by most average tasters.

The Black Currant and Apricot pair very nicely together. I use more apricot than I do black currant because black currant is a bully. Apricot is a soft subtle flavor with very warm edges that balance out the sharper astringent taste of the black currant. I use just a touch of White Peach to bring even richer, fuzzier notes to the apricot flavor.

I add just a little bit of Marzipan because it is sweet, but also lends a little bit of a vanilla note, as well as an almond note (which those two notes are very close in taste anyway) to the crusty taste of the Apple Pie.

If you wanted to put a little FLV Whipped Cream flavor on top of this, 0.5% of that will do the trick. I also add in 0.65% of FLV Sweetness just to up the sugar taste to real bakery type levels for myself, but if you use sucralose based sweeteners, adding some to this will also bump it up to bakery real food levels of sugary goodness.

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  1. Hard to believe I have 388 flavors and no (FA) Apricot. I do have Capella, wonder if I can make it work lol. Nice stuff thank you for the notes.

  2. I absolutely love this flavor I was recently surprised when I used this flavor as more of an additive it turned my mix into more of a slightly creamy strawberry bubble gum I’ve accounted it to the small use of one drop flavorings blue razz in combination with the small percentage of black currant it’s not bad at all

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