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Dark Ripe Black Cherries

Aroma: Almond, Red Fruit, slight floral backnote.


FlavourArt’s Black Cherry (or Cherryl) flavor is a great cherry additive. It has soft dark cherry aroma, but it is more of the artificial cherry aroma than the realistic type of cherry aroma that you find in FA’s regular Cherry flavor. Black Cherry has heavier almond and floral notes which can make this flavor go quickly into a soapy/medicinal kind of taste if you use too much of it.  This is not a main flavor cherry.  This is one that works better as an additive to layer with another cherry flavor that has more of the crisp and meaty notes to blend with the almond and floral notes of this black cherry.

With this flavor use a light hand.  It works very well below 1%. It also works very well paired with FA Marzipan and/or FA Vanilla Classic and Vanilla Tahiti. These flavors work to enhance the cherry notes.

I can’t say that I enjoy this flavor as a stand alone. Overall Black Cherry is a flavor that I prefer as an accent flavor. At 2% as a stand alone I was pretty certain I ate some soap.

Recommended usage:

0.08%- 0.35% — Accent Flavor — to be used with other main flavors to add a hint of cherry

0.40% – 0.75% — Secondary Flavor — to be used as part of a cherry complex flavor, not as the main cherry, but combined with other cherry or berry flavors to make a more full cherry flavor.

It needs 2 weeks to steep out to it’s main profile, though it does keep changing a bit for up to 6 weeks and then the flavor is stabilized.

More intense flavor, juicy and long lasting. Great.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Recipe 1 -- Simple Cherry

0.25FA Black Cherry
0.45FA Cherry
0.25FA Marzipan

This recipe is quick and simple. The main cherry note comes from the FA Cherry, which is far more of a realistic type of fresh cherry.  Using the black cherry here turns it more into an artificial cherry type flavor, and the Marzipan sweetens and adds more cherry notes.

You can add some sweetener to it in order to make it even more like a candy cherry taste, but it is pretty sweet with the Marzipan.

Let this steep for at least 4 days. Better after 2 weeks. Even better after a month. It softens quite a bit after a full steep.  Fresh this can be a little harsh if you are sensitive to harshness in flavorings. Minimum steep time is really 4 days in order for the harshness to mellow out.

Recipe 2 -- Orangeberry slush

0.35FA Black Currant
0.25FA Black Cherry
0.75FA Blood Orange
0.34FA Royal Orange
1FA Polar Blast
0.5FLV Sweetness

This has a high level of Polar Blast in order to really give you that cold blast while vaping it giving it the effect of a slushy. This one really needs sweetener of some sort, as slushies are very sweet. I only use 0.5% FLV sweetness because for me higher than that requires a longer steep to get rid of the stevia aftertaste that I get.  If you use sucralose add as much as you need for it to taste properly.


It is pretty much straightforward cold fruit flavor. I went low on these on purpose, not just because of my sensitive tastes, but based on other average tasters experiences with these flavors.  I would suggest trying it as is first, then adjust flavoring percentages to your tastes after you’ve tried it at this low amount.  If you need more, then add more.

I like this mix after about 2 weeks. It is fully steeped at 5 weeks, when the orange and cherry soften in their flavors and the black currant comes forward just a tad more giving the cherry a nice blend. The black currant is not meant to make the cherry taste more cherry, it is there as a black currant taste blended with the black cherry.

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