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Not Your Average Blueberry

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Aroma: Berry, seedy, earthy, green herbal, astringent, bitter, deep floral

FlavourArt’s Bilberry is a wild European style blueberry, which may not taste like what we expect a blueberry to taste like here in America. Bilberries have an earthier, more tannin rich taste similar to the bitterness you get from grape skins, with more pronounced seedy tastes, and a richer darker berry flesh, when compared to the lighter aromatic blueberries that are common here in America.

If you’re looking for that blueberry pancake/muffin/pie kind of taste that we are used to, this isn’t going to replicate it.  It can however add significant depth to some of the blueberry flavors that are more candy like or that are rather weak, like TFA Blueberry Wild.  But you will want to go super low, like background note low for adding to other blueberry flavors or Bilberry will overpower it all.  It also has the tendency to take over when paired with just about any type of bakery as well, so it is something to be caution about when using this flavor.

That being said, the profile of this flavor is absolutely lovely when used for it’s strengths and used as it’s own type of flavor not trying to mimic blueberries.  It is a deep, dark berry note. It goes beautifully with FA Forest Fruit to bring out rich berry notes.  It is great as a main flavor with other lighter berry notes to fill in the top spaces as secondary notes.

So when you explore recipes with this flavor it is good to take it as the flavor it is, rather than trying to conform it into a flavor it isn’t, play with it’s amounts to see the different types of effects you can get from it.  Like using it with raspberry or mixed berries to bring out that seedy note to replicate a nice seedy jam.  Or pairing it with FA Fresh Fig to give the fig notes a dark rich taste.

Recommended Usage:
Background Notes – 0.03% – 0.10%

Secondary/Effect Notes – 0.12% – 0.25%

Main Notes – 0.30% – 0.75%

Maximum Usage before going into off flavor notes – 1.25% (higher than this for me created a chemical harsh taste with significant bitter overtones.)

Sweet and tart.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Recipe 1 -- Mixed Berries

%Flavors (All FA Flavors)
0.50Forest Fruit

Quick and simple mix of berry flavors.  A touch of sweetener can simulate a light sprinkle of sugar over fresh berries. EM could also be used in place of sweetener.  I recommend 0.2% of FLV Sweetness.

Steep time – Could be shake and vape, though I prefer at least 3 days steep, 7 -10 days for full steep.

Recipe 2 -- Thumbprint Berry Jam Cookie

%Flavors (All FA Flavors
0.15Forest Fruit
0.20Liquid Amber
0.45Vanilla Classic

For sweetener in this I would use 0.65% FLV Sweetness, but you could also do some sucralose if you are into that sweetener, just sweeten to taste depending on the brand of sucralose sweetener you are using. You would want to make this one a tad bit sweeter since it is supposed to be a jam type cookie. You will get jammy notes with the bilberry combined with the forest fruit and liquid amber.  The Marshmallow and Vanilla add a bit of depth and texture with the cookie. You could expand on this recipe and add other components, but I wanted to make it a not too complicated example recipe.

You could substitute or add extra cookie notes, or even change the cookie out for a cake notes. Experimentation is always the way to go, but you can use this example recipe as a starting point to design your own Bilberry dessert style recipe of your own liking.

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  1. Great description of ea. Plus a recipe is like a bonus. I just tried the banana recipe . Very nice . This one deff a tad of sweetness brings those notes to surface . Great replica of how to use !

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