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Spicy citrus unlike any other

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Aromas: Orange Blossom, Sandalwood, Neroli, Citrus, Lime, Lemon Zest, Rind, Pith, Orange Bitters, Jasmine, camphor, pine, with a hint of creamy coconut.

FlavourArt’s Bergamot is not quite an orange, not quite a lime, not quite a lemon but somehow a blending of all three with a generous dose of woody, spicy notes with deep jasmine undertones and lighter neroli fragrance, along with the zing from the camphor and pine notes (though it does not taste taste like pine-needles.)

When you want a spicy citrus note rather than the typical citrus notes this is the flavor to go for.  It is one of the essential ingredients to Earl Grey tea and works beautifully in Chai flavors as well.  It is a delightful addition to tobaccos, as well as bakery flavors and as an accompanying flavor in fruit blends that gives them just a little something extra and different.

So if you haven’t given this flavor a try, I would recommend picking up a 10ml of it to give it a try.


Recommended percentages:
Backnote flavor – 0.08% – 0.15%

Supporting flavor – 0.20% – 0.45%

Secondary Flavor – 0.35% – 0.65%

Main Flavor – 0.5% – 1.5%

Maximum percentage before it goes weird and too perfumy 2.5% (for me as a sensitive taster.)

A luxury citrus, elegant taste, a must try.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Recipe 1 -- Simple Earl Grey Tea

%Flavors (All FA )
0.85Black Tea
0.35Fresh Cream

In this simple recipe you have the basic Earl Grey tea flavor with a light cream to it.  If you prefer your tea sweetened as I do, 0.25% FLV Sweetener will work for this flavor. If you only have sucralose on hand, use however much you would normally use for light sweetness.  I wouldn’t recommend EM or Marshmallow as added sweetness since both would add too much texture to the mix and it wouldn’t taste quite like tea anymore.

This recipe does need at least 5 days steep time for the black tea to develop, though it is best at 2 weeks steep.

Recipe 2 -- Bergamot Custard

%Flavors (all FA)
0.5Catalan Cream
0.20Zen Garden

This recipe benefits from a bit of sweetener.  Not too much because you want to retain a little of the tartness from the Bergamot flavor and you don’t want the spices to end up too sweet.  I used 0.30% FLV Sweetness in this and it was just about right, just enough sweetness to make it feel like a dessert but not enough to interrupt the flavor profile.  If you’re using sucralose I would aim for 0.25% of weaker types, and maybe only 0.10% of a stronger type of sucralose brand.

The FA Custard works here because of its lemon tastes. It plays with the bergamot flavors and incorporates the citrus notes well.  You could sub out FA Zen Garden for FLV Basil or INW Rosemary for a different type of taste, both work well with Bergamot notes.

Catalan Cream adds just a little more of a creamy taste along with it’s slight spicy background notes which play very nicely with Bergamot.

The Anise and Cardamom are kind of optional here.  I like them so I put them in, Anise with it’s licorice notes and Cardamom with it’s warm woody notes go very nicely with Bergamot, but if you want to remove them the recipe will still work fine. You could even sub them both out with Cinnamon — which works really nicely with the FLV Basil — for a totally different type of taste.

Another variation on this is to also add in 0.25% of FA Passion Fruit.  It will give it a bit more of a tropical note, but it will also enhance the spicy feel to the recipe as passion fruit also has some nice spicy notes.

And if you want to give this a baked kind of feel, 0.45% of FA Caramel will give it some baked notes that will make it taste like it just came out of the oven.  You could also use 0.35% of INW Creme Brulee for that effect as well, or another nice addition would be 0.5% of CAP or TFA Toasted Marshmallow.  It will thicken the custard mouthfeel and will add that toasted/baked note.

No matter what you do to this recipe, it needs a good 2 – 3 week steep, maybe even a full 4 weeks before the custard is fully thickened and smooth.  It is not a shake and vape at all. This is one to mix and stick in the cabinet or drawer for later.

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