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Fuzzy Little Fruit Full of Flavor

Sweet and kernel less…

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Aromas: Peachy, Apricot, floral apple top notes, meaty/fleshy fruit, tart back notes, slightly jammy.

Apricot has a slight almost grainy texture to it, but it is appropriate for the way realistic apricots actually taste. This is a very realistic apricot,  with a tad bit of jammy notes and a fresh tartness. It is softer than the peach notes, a little more top heavy in comparison to the FA peach flavors which are a bit deeper and richer in peach notes.  There are notes of apple, peach, and soft floral notes, and they combine to create a meaty flesh with a soft fuzzy skin.

Percentages I use depend on how I am using it.  As a stand alone 2.5% is about as high as I can go.

In recipes as a main note, 1% – 2.75% depending on what it is mixed with will bring a nice bright apricot through even the densest of creams.

As a secondary note 0.75% – 1.5%

And as an additive for peach .15% to 0.35% will enhance the FA peach flavors.

Recipe 1 -- Baby Food Apricots

1.25%FA Apricot
0.20%FA White Peach
0.15%FA Liquid Amber
0.45%FA Oba Oba
0.4%FA Greek Yogurt

This might seem like a weird flavor to want to make in a vape, but anyone who has had kids and has tried those little containers of baby food apricots knows how good those actually are.

The apricot flavor is pretty obvious as to why it is there, the white peach is there to round out the bottom notes of the apricot flavor.

Liquid Amber and Oba Oba make up the bulk of the jammy, lightly sweet notes that go along with the mushed fruit flavor.

The Greek Yogurt flavor might seem odd here but it does something to the overall flavor by adding a touch of creaminess and a bit of tang that just works.

Something that I do add to my own recipe, but isn’t necessary for enjoying this recipe is 0.12% of FA Anise. Some people absolutely hate this flavor and even one drop can be detected, but I love anise and I like how the anise enhances apricot notes in this flavor.  So if you like or have never tried anise it might be a nice addition to this recipe for you.

Recipe 2 -- Smoked Apricots

1%FA Apricot
0.25%FA Black Fire
0.45%FA Oriental 4
0.17%FA Banana
0.25FA Caramel
0.35%FA Oba Oba
0.12%FA Oakwood

With this recipe the apricot is the main show, but the smoky notes and the woody caramel notes from the tobaccos give a nice backdrop to the apricot giving it a fire roasted type of taste. The Oakwood adds to the woody notes.

A little bit of banana helps round out and soften the apricot tangy notes and adding in a dash of caramel for more roasted sweetness and Oba Oba for the creamy vanilla makes for a nice smooth vape.

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