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A Little Taste of Fall

Aromas: Soft Apple, bakery cinnamon, warm brown, flaky pie crust, slight caramel, hint of buttery notes in the crust.

This flavor by far nails the pie crust taste. Out of all the pie crust flavors on the market from other manufacturers, FA Apple Pie has been my go to pie crust flavoring since I started mixing.

When using this flavor for the purpose of apple pie, it does need a bit of help in the apple and cinnamon departments as both flavors are pretty light.  This is one of the things that has made this flavor so versatile in mixing that the apple and cinnamon notes can be covered up pretty easy with other flavors and the pie crust notes stay shining through.

The grandmother classic.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Recipe 1 -- Classic Apple Pie

3.25FA Apple Pie
0.75FA Caramel
1FA Vanilla Classic
0.5FA Oba Oba
1FA Apple Stark
0.15FA Fuji Apple
0.25FA Cinnamon Ceylon

While you might think, “why not just use apple pie as a single flavor?”  Well the FA Apple Pie needs a bit of help, even though it is a lovely flavor.  The pie crust notes in this flavor are perfect, but the apple tends to lack a bit in balanced comparison.

So to make up for what the pie flavor lacks, adding a bit of caramel and vanilla and oba oba adds to the richness of the pie filling.  Additional apple flavors, though going too heavy on Fuji will result in it overpowering the entire mix.  So by going very lightly on the Fuji apple and heavier on the Apple Stark you get a better balance of slight crisp notes coupled with the mushier cooked apple taste.  Adding the Caramel to this mix gives the apples more of a cooked in brown sugar taste.

Cinnamon is also a light weight in apple pie, so adding a bit more helps this.  I suggest 0.25% of FA Cinnamon which is bakery style cinnamon, but you can adjust this to your own preferences, adding more or less as needed.

Give this recipe at least a 14 day steep.  It needs the slightly longer steep time for all the flavors to come together and the pie crust notes to ripen.


Recipe 2 -- Mama's Apple Pie Wrapped In Donut

0.2Apple Filling
0.13(FA) Apple Fuji
1.5(FA) Apple Pie
0.11(FLV)Brie Cheese
0.08(FLV)Milk & Honey
0.18(FLV)Rich Cinnamon
0.17(FLV)Vanilla Custard
0.16(FA)Vienna Cream

You can find this recipe on All the Flavors Here.   This recipe started out as FA Apple Pie, FLV Apple Pie Filling and FA Zeppola. From there I just kept adding different flavors until the balance was right. I wanted a hint of pie crust with the donut, and heavy apple filling.

The Brie Cheese might seem like a weird addition, but the tangy notes with the creamy notes from it help the Zeppola have a full rich almost sour cream raised donut kind of taste.

The rest of the flavorings are pretty self-explanatory as supporting notes in the overall taste of the recipe.

This mix needs about 7 days to steep, but is best after 14 days. It gives zeppola and apple pie enough time to blend in together in the mix.

I use FLV Sweetness here not to make it super sweet, but as a supporting note to bring out the apple pie filling, since it is naturally a sweet type of taste if we were eating this recipe as a food.  I prefer the FLV sweetness as it is not a coil killer, but it is also a lighter sweetness than full on slap you in the face CAP Super Sweet.  If you want to make this recipe with slap you in the face sweetener, take the FLV sweetness out and put in 0.5% CAP Super Sweet.

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  1. How do you properly enhance the pie crust flavor note, in flavor art apple pie?
    What do I need to add? Or is steeping the only answer?
    And at what % will the bakery/pie crust flavor shine the most?

  2. I love the classic Apple Pie recipe. Unfortunately I can’t get Cinnamon. So I was thinking about adding a small % of Catalan Cream to get just a touch of a spicey back-note. Well…I’ll see.

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