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A little bit of licorice anyone?

Try it on ice cream, in the coffee. Alcohol free.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Aromas: Spicy, licorice, herbal

I love black licorice.  I love this anise flavor in so much more than just licorice. I use it as an accent note mostly, with the exception of my Green Eyed Daemon recipe where it is a main flavor and one of the example recipes below. This is the anise spice, straight out, and it’s pretty strong.

Suggested amounts: 0.08% – 0.25% additive note –

I use this with various fruits like peach and apricot to enhance the overall flavor of those fruits and not to be a stand out flavor that someone could easily pick out of the profile. Using it at this level won’t give you an “Oh my there is licorice in here” kind of taste, it will be very subtle and just enhancing.

0.25% – 1% — Main note

Depending on the recipe, anything from the low end to the high end will give you from subtle main note to full in your face main note. It can start to get harsh at the higher percentages so if you’re not mixing it with creams, stay below 1%.

1% and more —

The only way to use this flavor at levels above 1% is to have it with heavier cream flavors. The anise notes can get harsh so if it’s not with a creamy flavor it will overpower everything and may end up giving you a harsh vape, even if you have a more muted palate, it can still seem like a harsh vape.

Recipe 1 -- Anise Sweetie

0.5%FA Anise
0.5%FA Marshmallow
0.45%FA Oba Oba

Just a simple candy like recipe for the anise flavor.  A bit of fluffy Marshmallow and the creamy candy note of Oba Oba make this almost like a black colored Jelly Bean.

For variation add in 0.35% FA Black Currant

Or 0.65% FA Peach

You may also want to consider adding in about 0.75% of FLV Sweetness for a clean coil sweet taste or 0.25% CAP Super Sweet for those of you who like the sucralose sweetness.

Recipe 2 -- Spiced Black Tea with Peach

1%FA Black Tea
0.35%FA Anise
0.5%FA Cinnamon Ceylon
0.75%FA Peach
0.25%FA White Peach
0.25%FA Vanilla Tahity

For an iced version of this recipe add in 0.35% Polar Blast

For Sweetened add in 0.5% FLV Sweetness or 0.15% CAP Super Sweet.

The overall profile is pretty straight forward, black tea with peach and spice. The Cinnamon and Anise work well with the peach notes and after about a 2 week steep the black tea should definitely be coming through.  It’s not that great as a shake and vape since it takes a little time for the tea notes to really develop.  This is one you want to steep for the full 2 weeks.

FA Vanilla Tahity is added to give a soft creamy floral vanilla note which plays well with the spicy notes and the peach.

I would not sub anything in this recipe as each item really has it’s purpose.

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