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FA Almonds- a handful of smooth, creamy, nuttiness that is sure to please.

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FlavourArt Almond

Great and tasty

Suggested percentage 2-3%

Aroma notes – Creamy, Almond, Nutty, Vanilla, Cherry, Meaty, Floral

It’s Great and Tasty — way to get descriptive FlavourArt. HAHA I joke. But sometimes their descriptions make me laugh at just how not descriptive they are over there in Italy.  Despite the lack of company description, this is a flavor you want in your flavor arsenal. It is very diverse to use as an additive and as a main almond note.  However, what this almond note lacks is a toasted element. This is not a toasted almond, but that makes it even more versatile. My favorite way to use this flavor is as a secondary note in accompaniment with vanilla, either FA Vanilla Bourbon or FA Vanilla Classic.  The way that almond works with vanilla is striking. If you have a hard time tasting vanilla notes a 0.15% booster of almond may be exactly what you need to round out and boost up that vanilla flavor.  At 0.2% Almond can bring out the cherry notes when it is used in conjunction with FA Cherry and/or Black Cherry.  You can also add in 0.35% with 0.75% Marzipan to create an amazingly rich creamy almond note that you can add to coffee flavors or bakery notes or even rich tobacco notes to balance out the richness with a light sweetness.

I generally don’t go beyond 0.75% with this flavor.  At this higher end it stands up to richer flavors like Nonna’s Cake, or Metaphor and can bring out a sweet creamy almond note. It becomes more of a main attraction at this level. Adding in a bit of Vienna Cream can even bring out brighter notes in this flavor.  It can be blended with cinnamon, or anise, or cardamom, or even the tiniest bit of saffron. The overall uses can be pretty much anywhere you might put a vanilla note up to enhancing cherry or being a main creamy almond flavor.  There are so many choices that is what makes this flavor such a must have for any mixer.

Do you have to use it at such low amounts? Well I would suggest starting at the low end, 0.15% in recipes where you are looking to enhance a flavor.  Start at 0.75% or 1% as a stand alone to get a good sense of what the flavor tastes like as a primary flavor. If you are mixing it with only FA flavors or other super or ultra concentrates then yes, you will be using far less of this flavor. But if you are trying to make it stand up against a flavor like CAP V1 Vanilla Custard you may find yourself going as high as 1.5% possibly even 2% just to get the flavor to come through.  In recipes where you might find yourself needing it that high, it might be a wise choice to stay a little lower 0.75% and layer it with a toasted almond flavor to bring out a bit more of the warm toasted nut notes that would stand up well with a thick custard such as CAP’s.  But if you are using it with FA Custard far less needs to be used. Check out the simple recipe and layered recipe for ideas on how to use Almond in a recipe.

Recipe 1 -- Simple Vanilla Custard

1.5%Vanilla Classic

Simple Vanilla Custard: All FlavourArt Flavors. I know some people find FA Custard to not be as appealing as the other custard flavors, but this is a light, fresh custard flavor with a hint of lemon and a heavy heaping of vanilla. The Almond here plays a supporting role for the vanilla enhancing it and rounding out the vanilla notes with the soft nutty tones and it’s own vanilla aroma.  The Vanilla Classic to me has always been the flavor I think of when I think of vanilla pudding. It has that vanilla pudding kind of aroma and blends well with the custard flavor.

While you can shake and vape this recipe, it really blooms after a 2 week steep.  The lemon notes in the custard start to mellow out and the vanilla really takes hold. The almond also blends in more as the mix steeps. It will continue to change for about 4 weeks total steep time until it is in it’s final stage of taste. The change is more subtle after 2 weeks, but there is a bit more blending that happens. If it lasts that long you will enjoy a nice, smooth, creamy vanilla custard in the end.

Recipe 2 -- Sweet Cherry Almond Cookies

0.12%Greek Yogurt

Layered Complex Recipe: All FlavourArt Flavors.  I know some people like a much stronger cookie flavor, and you can feel free to boost this cookie percentage up higher or maybe layer in another brand of cookie in here with it, but this is where I like cookie with this delicate flavor of cherry and almond. Marzipan adds to both cherry and almond in this recipe and also lends a light sweetness to the overall recipe.  This isn’t a slam you in the face flavor either, it is light, delicate, and balanced.

I used regular Cherry in this recipe because it is more tart than the black cherry. Adding Black Cherry here would have given too much of the same notes as almond and marzipan and would have overloaded the cookie flavor with just the notes of black cherry.  Regular cherry has a crispness to it with a touch of tart bite that counteracts the sweet almond notes just enough so you know it’s cherry and not just a continuation of almond flavor.

The Cardamom and Greek Yogurt are here only as slight additives, as well as the Meringue.  Meringue boosts that toasted crisp cookie note and the greek yogurt is used to make the cookie bready notes pop with it’s slight tang.  It shouldn’t taste like a yogurt cookie, in fact in the mix you shouldn’t be able to say there is yogurt in there at all.  0.12% Should be around 4 drops from one of their 10ml bottles in a 30ml size mixture, so you are ultimately using very little of it.  Cardamom at like 2 drops from the FA 10ml branded bottles is all you need, it just adds a slight hint of warmth and spice at a 0.08% amount it only is there to enhance the overall recipe and give it more depth.

You can shake and vape it, but the cookie might be a little strong at first as will the meringue and marzipan.  After about 5 days it settles into a much nicer cookie flavor with the overall tones of almond and cherry.  At about 2 weeks it is near enough fully steeped and will only change slightly between week 2 and week 3.  After 3 weeks it is done steeping and won’t change much after that in terms of flavor profile.

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  1. Absolutely love these notes! Really excited to try the sweet cherry almond cookies recipe. It may in fact be the unicorn I have been searching for these last 3 years, or tons closer than I ever achieved on my own. Thank you so much!

  2. I’m a little late to the party, I know, but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you’re doing. It’s so helpful, especially for newbies in mixing, and I learn a lot just by reading your notes and tips. That’s why I also subscribed to your YouTube channel – I’m taking in all information I can get. When it comes to flavors and brands I’m with you too. Flavor West, Lorann,… given a choice I wouldn’t use it. And Flavourart, Inawera, Capella and TFA are the only flavors I have easy access to in my country (Austria, EU). For me it’s a huge plus that you’re using FA so frequently. Again, thank you for what you’re doing. Cheers.

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