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It took me a long time to actually single flavor test FA 7Leaves. It was always a flavor I used as a blender tobacco, or a base for other tobaccos to be built upon, but I never actually vaped it all by itself until now.

Single flavor tested at 3% on both MTL RTA and RDA and DL RDA.

For me there wasn’t any major differences in the profile of this flavor between devices or airflow setups.  I got all the same notes from each of them.

Profile notes: Green Leaf, Bright Leaf, Crisp Citric note, Clean refreshing coolness (very slight,) Spice notes that seem to include a hint of a woody spice, all spice, and anise, and a slight ambiguous fruity note with a hint of sweetness.

What I don’t taste – leather, dark leaf, ashy, smoky, hay, grass, or cocoa notes.

I did test this in a small pod type device and at 3% it was kind of light.  I had to turn it up to 6% in the pod before I got the same flavor profile as I did at 3% in the MTL and DL devices.

Now using this flavor in a recipe, it can be a bully.  It is a potent profile that will overpower other flavor notes, so this is something to keep in mind when mixing with it.  A general range of use for it in terms of mixing recipes is 0.25% to 1.5% especially when blending with fruits or other delicate flavors. With pods specifically I’d probably go up to 2.5% to 3% in recipes for it to come through but not overpower other flavors.

As a base tobacco note it can be layered with other tobaccos becoming just the bright leaf spicy back ground note, it can be used with fruits and even bakery blends.  I could see cookie or cereal notes going well with 7leaves, or bright red fruits or berries. I can see some alcohol notes also working well to blend with it’s spicy notes.

As an accent note with other tobaccos a small amount of 7leaves can add a bright leaf note to darker tobaccos to create balance in the overall profile of a richer tobacco. The hints of spice notes barely come through at lower percentages so you get more of the bright leaf note instead.  The higher you use it the more the spice notes come out.

I give this flavor a 5 star rating as a single flavor tobacco. It is complex enough on it’s own to be satisfying to a tobacco lover, but not so complex to overwhelm the new vaper with all sorts of weird notes that they might not expect in a tobacco note.  It reminds me of smelling a freshly opened pack of Native American type cigarettes, like American Spirits or other non specific brands. Heavy on the bright leaf tobacco with the anise spice profile that is common to native tobacco types.


7 Leaves,

I don’t always single flavor test my Tobaccos because I primarily mix by scent. The fragrance of seven leaves is very fresh and leafy so I always set it aside and used it as a secondary note. I single flavor tested 7leaves and became intimate with it as a standalone off the shake and after 2 days steep. I tanked it and dripped it within the course of 2 full days to take  in all the things it has to offer.

I tested it in a single coil Hermetic, an Aspire Nautilus and in a single coil Serpent mini ½ closed off.

I determined that 7 leaves is quite a complex flavor with a lot going on I mixed it at 1%,  3% and at 5%

The Scent primary scent was that of a freshly opened pack of medium gold box cigarettes.  It has a refreshing type aroma with an undescriptive fruity back note that could be described as a fruity floral note on the berry side of fruit not on the citric side. I found a slight cooling effect that could be confused with an alcohol type note at around 5%. I would imagine that cooling note is what gives it that freshness I find at the lower % range.  I also pick up some musk sweet woodsy notes and an undescriptive type of spice can’t pinpoint if it is anise licorice or maybe a bit of clove because it is a very gentle type of sweet spice.

What is 7Leaves: Refreshing, versatile, leafy.

What it’s not : Ashy, leathery , Dry, Deep

After odor: Pleasant and not overpowering

Our latest development. To realize it, we have reviewed analytical and bibliographical data related to 7 tobacco qualities, fire cured, bright leaf, burley, shade, perique, latakia, oriental. We have grouped the most interesting components, the bests of each quality, to offer a basic tobacco flavor which can be used as a base for further developments. Smelled as such it delivers a nice dry and radiant note, with light undertone of dried leaves, woody nuances and a spicy touch.

Our new proposal for demanding vapers.

Suggested percentage 1-2%

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