Flavor Notes– Flavour Art Strawberry (Red Touch)

Most realistic Strawberry on the market

Manufacturer’s Description:
The Queen of the fruits has been truly honoured with this beautiful blend, bursting with the sweet and juicy flavour of Strawberry.

FlavourArt recommends uses between 2% and 3%.

FlavourArt’s Strawberry (Red Touch) flavor, probably one of my most frequently used strawberry flavors since I started mixing.

Primary Aromas: red berry, crisp green (vine/tops), rose, floral, slight jammy notes

Flavour Art Strawberry (Red Touch) has that lighter more aromatic fresh strawberry flavor.  It is less jammy than some other strawberry flavors, as it is heavier on the top notes of the fragrant fruit.  At lower percentages you get more of the top notes out of it than anything else, at the suggested range you get more of the base and mid notes making it more of a full strawberry flavor, but it is still a mild one when compared to other strawberries on the market.

Flavour Art Strawberry can be used anywhere from 0.25% up to 1% as a supporting top note strawberry in a blend of strawberries or other fruits.  If you want a richer strawberry note increase the amount to 1.5% up to 4%.  I personally don’t go over 4%, since the strawberry notes get far too intense for me and start to taste plastic-y and very harsh.  As a stand-alone this flavor is strawberry, but it falls just a little bit flat, and is not as multidimensional as I like my strawberry flavors.

Recipe 1 -- Simple Tiramisu

3%FA Strawberry
0.11%FLV Alpine Strawberry
0.15%FA Liquid Amber
1%FLV Sweetness

This recipe can take up to 4 weeks of steeping time if you have a more sensitive palate like mine. If you have a less sensitive sense of taste it will likely only need a few days of steeping, but if it seems harsh give it a little longer to steep, as FA Strawberry at 3% can be a bit harsh before it steeps.

I’ve updated this recipe since I have tried the Flavorah line, and I feel Alpine Strawberry is just far superior to INW Shisha Strawberry. I’ve also added 1% FLV Sweetness in place of TFA Sweetener, as FLV Sweetness is now my go to sweetener. It doesn’t gunk up coils and isn’t as sickeningly sweet as sucralose based sweeteners are.  Strawberry is one of those fruit flavors where the perception of sweetness enhances the fruity, juicy, and ripe notes.  This flavor was strong enough for the average palate to taste well and perceive the sweetness of the fruit.

I recommend not breathing this recipe. As I have changed it, I find gentle warming either with a hot water bath or 2 second bursts in the microwave until the liquid is just warm enough for the VG to be thinned out works best. Close your bottle up before warming and shaking and leave bottle closed until you wish to try it.  Breathing the recipe allows the top notes of the strawberry to escape and dulls the overall flavor.

For me after about a 4-6 week steep this is a very vine ripened strawberry picked fresh from the strawberry plant with a slight hint of the vine and tops in there, almost like smelling the ripe berries while still on the plant while eating one of them.

Works well with added menthol.

Recipe 2 -- Straight Strawberry

1%Hypnotic Mist
1%FLV Sweetness

This is a fairly simple to mix recipe, but the end result is an interesting flavor profile.  You get strawberry right up front, with Watermelon and Kiwi mingling behind it with a light hit of the sweet citrusy notes from the hypnotic mist.

Now for me 3% Strawberry is ridiculously strong when it is fresh and takes a good long steep for it to mellow out enough for me to enjoy.  As a sensitive taster I actually prefer this recipe cut in half (leaving the flv sweetness at 1%) and steep it only for a few days. But for the average taster to less than average taster, you will likely enjoy the stronger percentages and won’t need much steep time like I do.  Normal steep time would be 1 week for average tasters.  If it seems a little harsh after a week give it another week or two steep, or cut the strawberry by 0.5%.

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photo credit: Allagash Brewing Picking Strawberries at Doles Orchard via photopin (license)

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